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Using Get-Help Command in PowerShell.

PowerShell is a powerhouse of utility for system and network administrators. There are countless commands with different syntaxes. Throughout this article, we will explain how to use the Get-Help command to assist with the usage of other cmdlets.

19 Oct, 20 by Ayden I 1 min Read

Get-Help command is one of the most useful commands in PowerShell. It helps you to get to know all the commands and understand their structure.

The following are some of the cool features that Microsoft has added to this command:

  • Display the complete structure of the command
  • View all parameters and switches of a command
  • Multiple Allies which apply to a command
  • Display sample of command for executing it

To use Get-Help command for the first time, you have to enter this command once, so PowerShell can download commands help instructions and resources online.

After entering this command in PowerShell, you will see the output as follows:

Using Get-Help command in PowerShell 1

Enter Y letter to download resources.

Using Get-Help command in PowerShell 2

Now, for viewing the help of one command via Get-Help, follow the structure below:

Get-Help Command


Get-Help Restart-Service

In the above example, Get-Help will give you all information about Restart-Service command.

For a better understanding, you can request the Get-Help command to display examples of a chosen command.

Get-Help Restart-Service -Examples

To receive comprehensive help with a command, you can use Get-Help command with Full or Detailed parameter.

Get-Help Restart-Service -Full
Get-Help Restart-Service -Detailed