Setting the Time Zone through PowerShell

In this article we will discuss how to set and change the time zone of your Windows server/pc with the use of Powershell.

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Setting Time Zone through PowerShell.

Setting Time Zone in Windows is one of the important actions for everyone who want to use Windows services and it is most important for them who want to use this services through network and internet connections.

You can set Time Zone in Windows with 3 ways.

  • Setting Time Zone via CMD
  • Setting Time Zone via PowerShell
  • Setting Time Zone through Control Panel

For changing Time Zone via PowerShell follow below tutorial.

Setting the Time Zone through PowerShell

  • For viewing current Time Zone in PowerShell status enter the following command


Change and configure timezone with PowerShell

  • For viewing the list of available Time Zones use below command

Get-TimeZone – ListAvailable

  • Now by using below command you can set your wanted Time Zone.

Set-TimeZone –Name “Time Zone Name”


  • To view the new time zone, use the command again


PowerShell is accessible in all windows servers, you can manage and run windows services with PowerShell.

user monovm


2020, Aug, 20

I am using a VPN and can set the browser time to the VPN's destination IP; however, the local system time doesn't change. Any ideas how to capture the browser's timezone and pass that through PowerShell to then 'set-timezone' of system to match? TIA