What is MySQL Error 1064?

One of the common MySQL syntax errors is 1064 and is often caused by five things: missing data, mistyped commands, outdated commands, database migration, and reserved words.

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As a WordPress website owner, graduating to advanced database management is exciting as it also means that your business is growing. However, you may also experience some challenges and confusion that come with MySQL errors.

The good news is that as confusing as it may be at first, the causes of the errors are often so clear, and consequently, the resolutions. The cryptic errors are also very informative, and if you give them a deeper thought, you will understand the problem.

MySQL error codes are often represented by numeric values ranging from 1000 to 2051, representing a specific problem. In a nutshell, MySQL error 1064 is a syntax error that means that MySQL cannot understand your command. 

This is often a result of the command issued not being valid within the Structured Query Language.

It is often easy to compare such errors to grammatical errors, only that in MySQL, you will not get any result and develop any meaning since the parser does not understand the command.

Often when a MySQL error appears, it states the cause and the remedy. It is recommended that users read the error message thoroughly to understand how their commands violated the syntax rules. Remember that the error codes are a result of the violation of syntax.

MySQL errors indicate where the problem is and how to fix the problem. If you are getting MySQL 1064 errors, here are some possible causes.

1. Missing data

If you have queried data missing in the database, the MySQL engine will likely return the 1064 error code. If this is the case, the dashboard interface will allow you to enter the missing data. Alternatively, you can access the database through MySQL Workbench or phpMyAdmin and add the data manually.

2. Mistyped commands

As aforementioned, syntax errors have some close similarities to grammatical errors, which result from misspelling. When a command is mistyped, the result is likely to be the 1064 error. Most of the time, you will find this being the cause of the error as it is often very easy to mistype.

It is recommended that users review their commands before running them to check for misspellings. Users struggle with getting the right syntax that can use the MySQL syntax manual to search for the command they want to query. Once the typos are addressed, clear the errors. The good news is that most of the SQL tools today will alert you of errors in your commands before you run your query. There are syntax checker plugins too that you could install to help you identify errors to avoid the 1064 error.

3. Obsolete commands

Obsolete or outdated commands are also a likely cause of syntax errors. Some commands are discontinued, and others deprecated. While discontinued commands are removed and can no longer be used, the deprecated commands can still be used when the correct command prefix is specified.

Several commands have been outdated, meaning they are in the pipeline for removal but are still being used. When the outdated command is used, then a 1064 error will be returned by the MySQL engine.

4. Reserved words

Reserved words are yet another cause for the 1064 syntax error. Reserved words are defined as words that are different across various MySQL versions. The words have specific purposes in different MySQL engines.

When you get the 1064 MySQL error when you use a reserved word, then it means that you are using a word not specific to your MySQL version. It also means that you don’t meet the requirements to use the word.

To avoid this error due to using reserved words, you can go to MySQL.com and check the reserved words specific to your MySQL version.

5. WordPress MySQL database transfer

MySQL database transfer to a different server can also cause the 1064 error. To prevent this, it is recommended that users adjust the compatibility and the database version to the new version they are using.

To effectively fix MySQL 1064 error, it is essential to identify the cause of the error. Often the error message may highlight the cause and the solution to the error. In other cases, you may not know the cause of the error.

Here are some of the common fixes for syntax errors.

1. Fix mistyped commands

One of the common causes of the 1064 error is misspelled commands. Double-check your commands to ensure they are correct. You can also use the MySQL manual to reference and proofread your code before running it. You can also install a syntax checker to highlight your errors automatically.

2. Add missing data

Missing data is also a common cause for the 1064 error. If other solutions are not working, the remedy for your syntax error would be looking for the missing data and adding it to the MySQL database.

3. Replace outdated commands

Replacing obsolete commands can also fix the error. Using the MySQL manual, you can confirm if your commands are still efficient. You will get a highlight of some of the commands that have been made obsolete. You can then remove the obsolete commands and replace them with the new version.

4. Use compatibility mode when transferring WordPress

When migrating your WordPress to a new server, it is recommended to use compatibility mode.

5. Designating reserved words

Reserved words that are not relevant to your MySQL version will cause syntax errors. You can use reserved words by designating them with backticks. Alternatively, you can use the MySQL manual to identify your MySQL version reserved words.

Syntax errors such as 1064 can destabilize your website and get in the way of your website management and plans. Understanding the different errors and knowing how to resolve them will go a long way in reducing your website’s downtime.

One of the common MySQL syntax errors is 1064 and is often caused by five things: missing data, mistyped commands, outdated commands, database migration, and reserved words. The methods you use to fix the errors will be informed by the causes.

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