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In order to increase the security for your WordPress platform this blog provides you with a guide to set-up a password for wp admin.


Mar, 19

Increase WordPress Security by setting password for wp-admin

As you know, the wp-admin directory is one of the most important dictionaries in WordPress, and it's easy to get into trouble if access to this directory is made possible by exploiters and hackers.

The wp-admin directory includes management files and dashboards for your WordPress login, and protection is one of the most important points.

In this part of the WordPress tutorial we're going to set up the password for this directory, so you are left with no concerns in regard to any unauthorized access to this directory.

This tutorial works through your control panel, and we'll learn the process using cPanel, but the configurations will be available in all other control panels.

Continue with WordPress Security Boost Training by setting up your password for wp-admin.

Increase WordPress Security by setting password for wp-admin

1. First log in to your wordpress hosting account

2. Click on the file manager

3. Go to the Public_html folder and find the wp-admin directory.

4. Right-click on it and select Password Protection.

5. On the opened page, select a username and password for the directory and click Save.

From now on, whenever you think of accessing this directory through the browser, you will be prompted for your username and password.

With this trick, you actually have a second password to enter your WordPress dashboard section, and it's very difficult for hackers to penetrate your site.

Tip: For better security, use a different username and password than the login password for your WordPad Dashboard.

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