How to install Git on CentOS 7

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install Git on a CentOS 7 server. We will cover how to install the software simply and easily in a couple of different ways.

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Git is a utility for Linux administrators who need to install multiple tools and software from the GitHub repository.

Today, GitHub is a privately-owned repoitory which has become a standard among majority of developers. From GitHub you can download tools and softwares for free whlile Git acts as a helper for downloading and installing. They are the most important tools that are usedand supported by large companies.

To install the various gadgets on GitHub, there are many possibilities.

1- Download the source code on Linux vps server and install it manually

2- Automatic download and installation by Git command

We plan to introduce you with the Git training on CentOS 7(VPS) so that you can install and use the tools you will need directly from GitHub.

Tutorial on installing Git on CentOS 7

To use Git, after logging in linux server enter the following command to update your CentOS VPS repositories.

       yum update

2. After fully updating the repositories, enter the following command to download and install the Git tool.

       yum install -y git

3. After the completion of the git command procedure, you can use this command to download and install any path that you intend to download on your CentOS 7.
The process of using the Git command in CentOS 7

Using the Git command is very simple and you only need to have the source code of the code you want and enter it after the Git command.

The structure of the Git command is as follows.


Git version display

Now, if you need to, see the version of the installed Git tool, you can enter the following command to see the installed version.

git --version

After entering the above command, you will receive an output similar to the following statements.


git version 2.17.1

This way, you will be able to use the Git command on your CentOS 7.

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Adonis Rau

2024, Jun, 24

Thanks for this detailed guide! I've always found installing tools on CentOS a bit tricky, but you made it really straightforward with these clear steps. It's great to see the versatility of Git and how it simplifies working with repositories from GitHub. This will definitely help anyone looking to streamline their setup process on a VPS. Keep up the great work!