Solving 'Conda Command Not Found' Error Across Multiple Operating Systems

Encounter a 'Conda command not found' error? Navigate this common hurdle with our guide. Explore solutions within Conda, an open-source package and environment management system.

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Conda is a package management system for multiple Operating Systems. It is installed automatically with Anaconda. However, if your terminal still gives you the Conda command not found error, you can follow this article to resolve this error. Let's get started!

Conda is a command-line utility and an open-source package management system, or a package manager, for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It can simply install, configure, and update packages and their dependencies on your machines. It can also swiftly swap between different environments. It was designed with Python (py) in mind, although it can install and manage software packages for any programming language.

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1. Adding to the path variable

When installed in the system, Anaconda usually adds conda to the path variable. However, if you can't find conda in the path variable, you can attempt the following solution to fix the problem.

How to fix the Conda not found error in Linux?

If you face the conda: command not found error in Ubuntu, centos, or any other Linux distribution (distro), you can follow the below-given step.

Run the following command in Linux to add Conda in the path variable:

$ export PATH=/path/to/anaconda3/bin:$PATH

The above command will only persist for the current session. To execute the command with every session, run the following command:

$ echo 'export PATH=/path/to/anaconda3/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc

How to fix Conda command not found error in Windows?

Search for 'Edit the system environment variables and click on 'Environment Variables..'

How to Fix Conda command not found error

In the 'System Variables section, click on 'Path' and then click 'Edit'. 

You need to add the Anaconda installation folder to the list of paths: 'C:\Users\username\Anaconda3\'.

2. Initialize conda

Run the following respective commands to initialize the conda

Initialize Conda on Linux server

$ ./anaconda3/bin/conda init

Initialize Conda on Mac OS

$ ./anaconda3/bin/conda init zsh

Initialize Conda in Windows server

$ ./anaconda3/Scripts/conda.exe init


$ ./anaconda3/bin/conda init zsh

3. Run as administrator 

You can right-click on the Anaconda Command Prompt in Windows and choose 'Run an Administrator. This is because Windows 11 releases do not presume you have administrator credentials to install or update.

We hope that this above-listed quick fix will help you to get rid of the Conda command not found error. We saw how to fix this error by adding conda to the path variable, initializing it, or running it as an administrator. All major operating systems are supported by the solutions discussed in this article.

Also, this article is applicable to fix bash: conda: command not found error.


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