How to Change Winbox Port ?

Are you looking to secure your Mikrotik server by these hacks list in the article? These hacks; you will get inside the article about how to Change MikroTik SSH Port/Winbox Port?

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To guarantee MikroTik security and to avoid any attack, one of the security configurations is changing the port number of MikroTik access utilities like Winbox, SSH, Web, FTP, and some other ways. In this article, you will learn How to Change MikroTik SSH Port/Change MikroTik Winbox Port. Here we have listed a complete guide about it that you need to follow with the steps given below.

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Step 1: First, Use the Winbox application or any other method to log in to the MikroTik router. Here, we are using the Winbox application.


Step 2: Secondly, Click on “IP” menu and select “services”. In the newly opened window, you can see all of the ports that are used by MikroTik to be connected online.


Step 3: Double click on the port that you wish to change. Set the number in the port field and click on “OK”.


Note: There is a possibility to disable the ports that will not be in use.

Now you have changed MikroTik SSH Port Number or MikroTik Winbox Port.

We hope that with the help of this article you now have a better understanding of How to Change MikroTik SSH Port/Winbox port/MikroTik API port and some other MikroTik access ways. With this configuration, you can secure your Mikrotik server. If you run into an issue or have any questions, you can always post them in the comment section below or contact us via live chat or e-mail.

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