Change MAC address through the registry

You can change your MAC address by using the Registry Editor in windows. Here we will go through the changing of the MAC address using simple and easy steps.

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Changing MAC address through the registry

For changing MAC address in Windows through registry follow this topic.

  1. Press Winkey+R to open Run

 Changing MAC address through registry

  1. Type Regedit phrase and click on OK button to open registry.

 Change MAC address in windows with Regedit

  1. Follow this address:


  1. At this directory, there are many keys like 0000, 0001 etc. You have to check all of them to find your wanted interface.

 Changing MAC address through registry- 3

  1. After finding the intended network adapter, right click on it and select String Value from New

 Changing MAC address through registry- 4

  1. Enter NetworkAddress as the key name and open it. In Value Data: section enter intended MAC address without : and any other signs.

 Changing MAC address through registry- 5

  1. Disable interface and enable it again. 
  1. Open CMD and enter below command

ipconfig /all

You will see the new MAC address which set on your interface.

 Changing MAC address through registry- 6

You can change MAC address in windows 10 too, here is complete guide to change MAC address in windows 10.

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Quinten Blick

2024, Jul, 24

This guide is super helpful for anyone needing to change their MAC address on Windows. The step-by-step instructions are clear and detailed, making it easy even for those who might not be very tech-savvy. The images provide great visual support, and the inclusion of the registry path and specific commands is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this!