All ports in windows 2008 is blocked by default.

For running an application needs specified port you should open it in firewall configuration .
In this post you will see how to open ports in windows firewall.

Also video of this post is available in the below.

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  1. go to Start > Administrative Tools  > Windows firewall with Advanced Security


open port windows 2008


2. in this step select Inbound Rules and then New Rule .


Windows 2008 firewall


3. In This step select Port .


Windows Firewall Configuration


4. In this step you can open all ports by selecting All local Ports or you can open specified port in specific local ports .



5. in this step select Allow the connection.


Open port in windows 2008


6. in this step select next and put fileds default.


Firewall Configuration

7. in this step choose name for your rule and finish the configuration process.


Firewall Configuration


Video of this Post  :


 Open Ports in Windows 2008