What are c compilers and it's alternatives

If you keep all the points mentioned here in mind while choosing a suitable compiler for your programming task, you will definitely generate a decent outcome.

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Compilers come in handy while running complicated programs on your PC. If you are savvy with programming components, you must have heard about compilers. But are you familiar with everything associated with compilers? A Majority of PC users don’t know what compilers are. If you have just started programming and you’re a learner, you need to have detailed knowledge about compilers. You can’t perform difficult programming and coding tasks unless you know the ways to use compilers. In this article, we will disclose everything about compilers, and we will list out the best compilers that you can select to get your tasks done. 

Before we proceed to the main topic, it’s important to know what compilers actually are. You may have a vague answer to this question already, but it’s important to have some clarity. A compiler remains liable to simplify complicated and difficult source codes into intermediate assembly languages. When you run a high-level programming language on your PC, the processing unit of your PC can’t read the language and execute instructions accordingly. 

In such a case, you need to use a compiler to transcript the complicated programming language into a simpler one to assist your PC’s CPU in decoding the programming instructions. 

When it comes to C compilers, there are numerous exceptional options, and you may get confused about which one to choose. Anyway, selecting a suitable C compiler is not that hazardous. You need to follow the instructions mentioned below to make the right choice-

The presence of the inline assembly

When you’re in search of a decent C compiler, you are supposed to look for the presence of inline assembly. The more assembly languages are present in a compiler, the better it is for your programming tasks. Inline assembly languages make it way easier for a programmer to run a complicated C++ program on your PC comfortably. 

Interrupt functions must be there in a compiler package 

An interrupt type specifier is an essential item that a superlative compiler package must include. When a compiler package includes an interrupt type specifier, the compiler gets the indication of the ISR requirements of a particular programming or coding project. Therefore, it becomes straightforward for your PC to read the coding instructions written with C++ or Java. So, you must check whether an interrupt type specifier is present in the compiler package you’ve chosen or not. 

Standard libraries are a must 

Developing an application becomes way more effortless for you when you have access to the standard libraries and C++ classes. Also, the quality of your project gets enhanced automatically as you utilize the standard libraries to complete your programming tasks. 

The startup codes included in a compiler helps you develop a program quite easily 

You shouldn’t get a compiler that doesn’t include a startup code. A startup code can be quite friendly for your application development project and other projects. 

So, these are the parameters you need to check before selecting a C compiler for your programming projects. 

Tiny C Compiler 

This is a phenomenal C compiler that is equipped with an ARM processor. This one runs comfortably even on slow computers that don’t have adequate disk spaces. The code stability of this fantastic compiler is beyond question. The speedy function of this C compiler is truly amazing. Alongside, the compiler-specific features of this compiler are also overwhelming. 


You can successfully get rid of redundant codes while completing a programming project if you’re using GCC. This compiler is also recognized for its automatic code optimizing features. Detection of dead codes becomes way easier as you start using GCC, and this compiler helps you delete the dead codes as well. On top of these, GCC replaces aggregates superbly to make your coding projects refined and better. 

Portable C Compiler 

This is another reputed C compiler that helps you develop top-notch programs and applications. The chances of syntax errors in your codes are almost rare when you use the Portable C Compiler. This outstanding compiler helps perform validity checks as well. The compiler gets updated to newer versions on a regular basis, and the newer versions come with some incredible features. 

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 

This is arguably the best C compiler available in the market. As this is a product from Microsoft, the efficiency of this compiler is mesmerizing. The compiler is capable of performing all types of compiling tasks, validity checks and other tasks swiftly. You will be overwhelmed to know that the product comes for free for users. 

NetBeans IDE 

Though this compiler is mostly used for Java programming, this one performs decently in terms of C++ and C programming tasks as well. The vivid libraries of the excellent compiler are also very useful when it comes to programming tasks. 

Code Blocks 

Being an open-source compiler, Code Blocks is the ultimate choice for beginners and experts. This is one of the most lightweight compilers, and that’s what makes this extremely popular among coders and programmers. Also, different types of plugins can be attached to this superior compiler, and that’s how you can make the compiler more useful. 


CLion can also be an efficient choice among all C compilers available in the market. The easy-to-use compiler is equipped with numerous automated features to make the compiler more effective and convenient. 

These are the best  C compilers available in the market currently. If you’re about to start a programming or coding project, you are supposed to select one of the compilers mentioned above to get your job done conveniently. You should go through the instructions given above to make the compact choice. If you keep all the points in mind while choosing a suitable compiler for your programming task, you will definitely generate a decent outcome. So, put your knowledge to work and select the best C compiler for your programming project. 

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