Setting up Titan Email on Monovm

Discover how to seamlessly configure Titan Premium Email on Monovm with our comprehensive guide. Easy steps for efficient setup and management. Get started now!

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Setting up Titan Premium Email on Monovm

Step 1: Connect Domain to Titan Mail

  • After logging into your user account area in the MonoVM dashboard, find the Titan email service and click on it.
  • On the opened page, to log into the control panel of the Titan email service, click on “Go to Control Panel.”

  • Look for a warning prompting you to connect your domain to Titan Mail.
  • Click on the "Connect Domain" card.

  • Scroll down to Part 3, "Add a new MX record," and copy the provided "Value."

Step 2: Configure MX Records in the Domain Control Panel

Click here to enter Domain Control Panel

  • Navigate to your domain's Admin area
  • To manage DNS records through the domain’s control panel. Ensure the MonoVM public Name Servers are set on the domain and have propagated globally. 

  • Scroll down and click on "Manage DNS."

  • go to the "MX records" tab in the opened window.
  • Delete existing records one by one.
  • Click on "Add MX record."
  • Choose the second radio button in the value field, paste the copied value, and set:
    • Zone: @
    • Value:
    • MX Priority: 10

  • click "Add Record."
  • Return to the "Connect Domain" page and copy the new "Value" in Part 4.
  • Add this second MX record with the copied value as before and add: 
    • Zone: @
    • Value:
    • MX Priority: 20
  • Click "Add Record."

Step 3: Email Reputation and TXT Records (Enhance Email Reputation with SPF and DKIM Records)

  • In the Email Control Panel, go to "Email Reputation."
  • Click "Add SPF record" and follow the provided information.
  • Open the “Manage DNS” window and navigate to the "TXT Records" tab.
  • Delete all existing records.
  • Click on "Add TXT Record."
  • Copy the value from Part 3 of TXT (SPF) records, set: 
    • Host Name: @
    • Value: v=spf1 ~all
  • click "Add Record."

Step 4: Add DKIM Record

  • In the “Email Reputation” section, click on "Add DKIM record."

  • Copy the "DNS Host Name" from Part 3.
  • Go back to the window and click "Add Record," paste it in the Host Name field.
  • Copy and paste the corresponding value from the DKIM record section into the Value field.
  • Click "Add Record."

Step 5: Verify Changes and DNS Check

  • Close the add record window and go to the Manage Area of your domain.
  • Check MX records and TXT records.

  • Close the window, go to the client Area tab, and navigate to the Home page.
  • Click on the "Connect Domain" card.
  • Scroll down, check the checkbox, and click "Verify Changes."
  • Sometimes, wait about 48 hours for the DNS setting process to complete.

Step 6: Creating Email Account(s)

  • Access your Monovm client area.
  • Click on the "Email Accounts" card.

  • Choose "Create New Email Account."

Creating the Email Account:

  • Enter your preferred name in the Email field.
  • Add a password or choose to generate one automatically.
  • Include a "Password Recovery Email Address."
  • Click on the "Create New Account" button.

Accessing Webmail:

  • After creating the email account, click "Access Webmail."

  • You will be directed to the login page.

Logging In:

  • Enter your Email address and password to log in.

Password Recovery:

  • Confirm your password recovery email or postpone it for later.

Welcome to Your Professional Email:

  • Congratulations! You are now in your new professional email dashboard.

Customizing Your Email:

  • Explore customization options based on your preferences to make your email experience personalized and efficient.


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