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Have you ever been in the middle of a marathon gaming session only to be hindered by annoying lag and excessive ping? The illusive pursuit for low ping is a shared desire among gamers and internet users alike, whether you're slugging it out in the virtual game or trying to broadcast effortlessly. In this blog post, we will look at effective tactics and practical tips for overcoming the ping difficulty and improving your online performance.

Ping (ICMP Echo Request), in the realm of networking, refers to a fundamental tool utilized for assessing the accessibility of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Drawing inspiration from sonar technology, where a signal is emitted to detect objects, the term 'ping' involves sending a small packet of data from one computer to another and back. The duration taken for this round trip, measured in milliseconds (ms), is termed 'ping time' or 'latency. It is obvious that you want to know how to lower ping in Windows 10, how to lower ping on a PC, how to reduce ping in WiFi, and how to reduce ping in Android.

You may ask what problems are associated with high ping and why should we try to lower ping. Here, we tell you the reasons:

  1. Lag and Delay: High ping results in delays between your actions and the server's response.
  2. Poor Gaming Performance: In gaming, it can lead to missed shots, delayed character movements, and an overall diminished gaming performance.
  3. Disconnections and Timeouts: This can disrupt gaming sessions, video calls, or other interactive applications.
  4. Reduced Streaming Quality: For content creators or individuals engaged in live streaming, viewers may experience interruptions and delays in the content being delivered.
  5. Communication Issues: In online communication tools like video conferencing or voice chats, can lead to instances where participants talk over each other due to communication delays.
  6. Unstable Connection: This instability can affect various online activities, causing intermittent disruptions and hindering the overall online experience.
  7. Unfair Gaming Advantage: In multiplayer games, players with lower ping often have a competitive advantage over those with higher ping. That`s why gamers want to reduce ping for gaming. Low-ping players may have quicker reactions and more accurate gameplay, creating an uneven playing field.

Before we explain how to lower ping Windows 10, you should know that there are various possible causes for your high ping:

  • Network congestion: If there is a lot of traffic on your network, such as numerous devices connecting to the internet at the same time or heavy usage in your area, it can cause latency to increase.
  • Distance to the server: The physical distance between your device and the server to which you are connecting can affect your ping. In general, the larger the latency, the further distant the server is.
  • Problems with Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Increased latency might be caused by issues with your ISP's network infrastructure or routing. This can involve problems with their equipment, network congestion, or inefficient routing.
  • Wireless connection: Ping can be affected by variables such as signal interference, distance from the network, or a weak signal when using a wireless connection.
  • Background processes or downloads: If your device is performing other programs or downloads that consume a substantial percentage of your network bandwidth, it can result in higher latency for online gaming or other real-time apps.
  • Server problems: The server to which you are connecting may be experiencing heavy loads or technical difficulties, resulting in higher latency for all users.

Why is my ping so high but my internet is good?

Many people ask why my ping so high but my internet is good. Before we tell you how to lower ping on your PC. Here we answer this question with 3 reasons:

  1. If there is heavy traffic on your network or in your area, it can cause delays and increase latency.
  2. The farther the server is, the longer it takes for data to travel back and forth, resulting in a higher ping.
  3. issues with your ISP's network infrastructure, such as equipment problems or routing inefficiencies, can contribute to high latency.

Now, it`s time to mention how to lower ping in WiFi. keep in mind that while the actions below can assist in improving your network connection and potentially lower your ping, some factors, such as physical distance to the server or network congestion in your area, may be beyond your control. You might attempt the following ways to reduce your ping:

1- Check your router setup

Check that your router is properly configured and optimized for gaming. This includes making sure it's running the most recent firmware, using the proper QoS (Quality of Service) settings, and using the correct wireless channel.

2- Run an internet speed test

To determine the speed and latency of your internet connection, use an online speed test tool. This can help you identify whether your high ping is caused by your internet connection or by anything else.

3- Remove all unused background apps

Close any unwanted background applications or processes on your device. These applications could be using network resources and increasing latency.

4- Choose a different server

Try connecting to other servers if you're playing online games. Certain servers may have better network conditions and lower latency than others at times.

5- Use an Ethernet cable

If you have a wireless connection, connect your device to the router with an Ethernet cable. When compared to wireless connections, wired connections are more stable and have reduced latency.

6- Disconnect other devices from your network

Multiple devices connected to your network, particularly if they are actively accessing the internet, can cause network congestion and increased latency. Disconnecting or temporarily turning off these devices can help reduce ping.

Note: If you're still having high ping, you should contact your internet service provider to look into any underlying issues with your connection.

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How to reduce ping in Android

Here we give you short tips on how to reduce ping on an Android device:

  • Connect to a stable Wi-Fi network
  • Close background apps
  • Switch to 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Move closer to the router
  • Restart your device
  • Use a mobile data connection
  • Use a VPN
  • Switch to a different DNS

You may want to know how to lower ping in Roblox.

High ping is subjective and varies based on the situation. However, for most online activities, including gaming, a ping of 100 milliseconds (ms) or less is considered acceptable. Here's a common rule of thumb for determining ping levels:

Low Ping (0-50 ms)

Excellent: Minimal lag, rapid response times, and a pleasant gaming or online experience are typical.


Medium Ping (50-100 ms)


Good: Most online activities remain playable, but there may be a little delay, particularly in fast-paced games.


High Ping (100-200 ms)


Noticeable Lag: Players may see substantial delays, especially in fast-paced games. While the game is still playable, the experience may be less fluid.


Very High Ping (200-500 ms)


Significant Lag: Gameplay is affected, and delays become more pronounced. Actions may be noticeably delayed, impacting the overall experience.


Extremely High Ping (500 ms and above)

Unplayable: The lag becomes severe, making online activities challenging or nearly impossible to enjoy. There's a significant delay between actions and their impact in the virtual environment.


Attention: These are generalizations, and the apparent impact of ping can also vary depending on the sort of online activity. A ping of 100 ms, for example, may be acceptable for leisure online gaming but may be considered high for competitive gaming or real-time applications such as video conferencing.

If you`re a Linux user, you can reduce ping using ping command in Linux.

One critical component sticks out in the pursuit of a flawless online experience: decreasing your ping. In this blog post, we looked at numerous ways to lower your ping and optimize your gaming performance. Each step in minimizing latency is critical, from reviewing your router settings and doing speed tests to deleting unwanted background apps, selecting the correct server, using an Ethernet cable, and managing network congestion. Implementing these tactics will allow you to enjoy smoother gameplay, faster response times, and an overall better gaming experience.

Optimize your network by using a wired connection, closing background applications, updating router firmware, and selecting servers closer to your location.

Factors like server distance, network congestion, outdated hardware, or issues with your internet service provider can contribute to high ping.

Achieving a consistent 0 ping is practically impossible due to the inherent latency in data transmission. However, you can minimize ping by optimizing your network and choosing servers with the least distance.

A ping of 200 is considered high and may result in noticeable lag, especially in fast-paced online activities. It's generally less ideal for gaming or other real-time applications.

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