How to Use and Manage the Domain Control Panel

The Monovm Domain Control Panel is very straight-forward and easy-to-use, however, for your utmost convenience, we have created a short guide on how to use it.

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The Monovm domain control panel allows you to easily and intuitively manage all your domains that you purchase from us. Today we will show you how to use the different functions the control panel provides.

First of all, you have to go to and enter your credentials to log in. It should look like this:

Once you have logged in, you will see the home page as shown below

Let us start by going through each drop-down menu.

List/Search Orders

This option will take you to the entire list of all your domain orders. From here you can Renew a specific domain, enable/disable theft protection for it, and modify name servers. You can use the search and filter option on the left-hand side of the screen to filter through your orders.

Transfer Domain

From here you can transfer any existing domains you own with other domain registrars to Monovm. Simply enter the domain and the Transfer Auth Code.

Bulk Tools

These tools allow you to manage multiple domains at the same time. You can register, renew, transfer, and much more for many domains at a time.

New gTLD Wish List

Here you can check for any newly available gTLDs.

Fast Transfer

Here you can opt-in domains for fast transfer as well as check the listed of your opted-in domains.


From here you can see your current balance and your total receipts

Add Funds

In this menu, you can add funds to your account using available payment gateways

Locked Funds

Here you can see your list of locked funds

Pending Payments

Here you can view your pending payments

List/Search Transactions

From here you can see the list of your transactions

Search Archived Transactions

On this page, you can sort through your archived transactions using different filters

Withdraw Funds

From here you can withdraw the funds form your account

Interface Settings

From here you can change the number of records listed on each page

Email Preferences

Within this page, you can decide what types of email notifications you want to receive.

Domain Specific

Here you can manage contact information for your domains, default name servers, and default contact ids.

Contact Account Manager

From here you can get the contact information for your account manager.

Request Support

This will open your default mailing up and an email template so that you can contact us for support more easily.


This link will take you to our extensive knowledge base where you can search up certain issues you may be having and see tutorial on how to manage your domains.


From here you can see all the latest announcements.

Login History

From here you can see the location and IP addresses used to login to your account within a selected period of time.

Legal Agreements

From here you can see all the legal agreements you accept when getting a service from us, including our Privacy Policy.

Now let us move on to the links present on the home page.

From here you can order a new service from us

(add new order)

Enter your domain name and go directly to the management settings of this domain. We used to show as an example. From this page, you can edit the contact details, privacy protection, name servers, child name servers, domain secret, theft protection, GDPR protection, and DNSSEC.

Select the domain expiring within a certain time and have the ability to renew them within a click of a button.

From here you can manage your free services, including email services, records, and domain forwarding services.

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