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Apr, 20

How To Get Backlinks

  • by Susith Nonis
  • in SEO

What are backlink on a website? Backlinks are the incoming links to a specific page on a website. When a site provides a link within its pages to another page, it’s called as a backlink. Backlinks are a crucial factor when it comes to ranking on Search Engines like Google. If you have a lot of backlinks leading to your website then the higher chance of getting featured on the first pages of Google.

On the internet having backlinks is like having a good reputation on the internet. The higher the backlinks and if it’s from reputable companies, the better rep you have on the internet (and of course Google).

But how to get these links? This article has the tips and strategies that you can follow to get that online reputation for your blogs and pages of your site.

4 part strategy

1. Research

Before you go building backlinks to your site, first do a bit of research. Take your competitors websites and see how there building these sites are getting there backlinks. You can do that by using Neil Patels free backlink checker. Type the URL and it will show you all the popular articles in their website and check who is linking to them. Note down the articles that are information based

2. Infographics

Majority of the people love visual data over textual data (at least I do). So once you have done the research, and noted down all the articles make infographics for them. They should be interesting and try to make them in the most beautiful way possible. Don’t forget to cite them at the bottom of your infograph like “The data was provided by ABC”.

Keep the design simple without adding extremely bright colors making it into an art piece. It should be simple while having more visuals than a text based and the story should flow easily.

3. Posting

When having these infographics on your website, be sure to include a paragraph on top and bottom of the infograph to have text on the page giving Google a way to rank it.

4. Approach

After creating these infographics and adding your logo on them, it’s time for the approach. Contact each and every one of these websites that link to your competitors and request for a link to your site. This will generate ton of backlinks and on the other hand you will be ranked higher in Google.

Note: After the process don’t worry if the infographic pages haven’t ranked really well, however your site in general will have a lot of backlinks. This will make your site rank even higher due to the high domain authority.

Guest articles

Guest blogging is another great way to approach new audiences. By publishing articles on other popular websites, you have a new audience and your online reputation increases in addition to getting backlinks. By expanding your audience you will have higher traffic to your site, higher reputation for you as a content creator and of course more backlinks.

Social Media

Promote your content through all the social media platforms. Share it on social media groups which relate to your field. The more exposure you have for your website, the better chances of getting links back to you.



Getting backlinks is not an easy to do task and definitely not a short term goal. This process will take time and a lot of hard work. Buying backlinks works for short term and it’s against Googles policies. This will have a high risk of getting your site banned so be careful.

While focusing on the backlinks, you should also make your content as rich as possible by having as much details as possible. Longer the article with detailed information has a higher quality and the chances of getting backlinks won’t be that hard.

Remember to follow SEO rules and create amazing rich and don’t forget to have fun with it.

Susith Nonis

I'm fascinated by the IT world and how the 1's and 0's work. While I veture into the world of Technology I try to share what I know in the simplest way possible. Not a fan of coffee, a sweet addict and a self accredited 'master chef'.