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What is ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error and how to fix it

You might receive an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error message when Google Chrome fails to connect to the website's server and render the webpage. Here's how you can fix it!

Posted: 28 Dec, 22 Updated: 28 Dec, 22 by Susith Nonis 11 Min

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Google released the initial iteration of the Chrome web browser earlier in 2008. Google Chrome maintained its position among the top browsers despite fierce competition from others like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

Because of various factors, including the popularity of the Google brand, Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers right now, with a market share of more than 50%, according to W3Counter statistics. 

Although this browser runs better than many others, users occasionally find it prone to error warnings. For example, ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED is one of the common errors you could face while using Chrome.

Before explaining the causes of the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error and how to fix it, let’s find out what this error means. 

We must briefly describe what happens behind the scenes in Chrome when you try to browse a website to comprehend the significance of the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

Chrome must establish a connection with the server hosting a website whenever you click on links or type the domain name of a website into the address bar.

When Chrome connects, it will ask for the specific files needed to render the website, such as all of the code, pictures, etc.

You might receive an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error message when there is something wrong with your internet connection or computer, which prevents Chrome from setting up or maintaining the connection.

This error message is displayed as a result of Chrome's failure to connect to the website's server and render the webpage.

You need to figure out what is wrong with Chrome that stops the browser from connecting to the website's server to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

What are the causes of the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error?

The following are some typical causes of the connection closed error:

  • Null route: the host or server may go offline, rendering the system unavailable.
  • Using up all the server's resources: the current hosting utilization may have reached the server's capacity.
  • A slow or unpredictable internet connection might disrupt network connections.
  • Corrupted caches in the browser or DNS could affect connectivity.
  • Problems with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service: The VPN software's settings may be set to restrict particular websites.

A common Google Chrome error that shows a browser's attempt to connect to a website is refused is the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

Typically, it is a client-side problem caused by regional network configurations, browser add-ons, synchronization, or third-party software. Server outages may occasionally bring it on.

Other browsers also experience the same problem. "Hmm...can't reach this website," according to Microsoft Edge. Mozilla Firefox, however, shows the "Unable to connect" notice. 

You can solve the problem using one of the simple ways listed in the following. 

Make sure you have an internet connection.

Check if your internet connection is still active when you see the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED warning. If your internet connection stops, chrome will display this warning while browsing a webpage.

A cable coming unplugged, going out of Wi-Fi range, a router issue, a weak data signal on your smartphone, or other circumstances could have caused the internet connection to go down.

Open a desktop or mobile app to determine whether the internet is functional. If you use Spotify, for instance, you could try playing a song you haven't downloaded.

The fact that Spotify can still play the music suggests that Chrome is the problem and that your internet is working properly.

Reset the network settings

Even though your internet connection might be functioning well, one or more network setup errors on your device may be preventing access to the website and resulting in the display of an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error. 

Usually, a TCP/IP setup error that may be fixed by resetting your network settings is among the causes of the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

Clear your DNS cache

To avoid translating domain addresses each time a website is browsed, DNS servers and browsers generate a record of address entries known as a DNS cache.

The result is quicker loading speeds; however, if obsolete or incompatible entries are incompatible with the most recent version of the website, they may cause technical difficulties like the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

DNS flushing, which clears the address cache, can help to remedy this problem. For instance, by using the following command on the command line, you can clear the system cache:

ipconfig /flushdns

Chrome's DNS cache must first be cleared by typing the following commands into the address bar:


As a result of this action, the DNS settings will be visible in the "Net Internals" hidden options menu.

You will also see the "Delete host cache" button, which needs to be clicked to clear the cache, along with a list of active and expired DNS entries.

Clear the history of the Chrome Browser

Your Chrome browser often saves some of the website files in cache memory to improve user experience and speed up browsing. If something goes wrong and your cache memory is corrupted, WordPress errors like ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED will start to appear.

To clean the cache in the Chrome browser, navigate to the Chrome browser's settings. Then, click the Clear Browsing Data button after selecting Privacy and security. Select the data you want to delete, then click the Clear data option.

Deactivate firewall and anti-virus software if necessary

The use of security software is essential due to the numerous, diverse risks that come along with your regular activity on the internet. 

Modern firewalls, real-time scanners, and similar programs typically perform excellently, but they are not impenetrable and can be among the causes of ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED errors.

Incorrect setups, programming errors, or out-of-date application files might bring on this type of error. In this situation, see if upgrading them fixes the issue or if the target website's URL is already blacklisted by one of your security tools. 

If that doesn't work, you might try briefly turning off your firewall and antivirus program before refreshing the website.

Update or reinstall the Chrome browser

Occasionally, problems or errors like ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED caused by misconfiguration or incompatibility can arise when using an outdated version of Chrome. 

This is one of the reasons you should always use the most recent version of any software or system. The most recent version also includes numerous bug fixes, compatibility issues, and additional functionality and features. 

Therefore, it is strongly advised that you constantly update the Chrome browser to the most recent version possible to eliminate any risk of creating any issues.

Disable Chrome Extensions

Additionally, it has been observed that some Chrome extensions you have installed may also be to blame for the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED issue. 

Several things can cause this, including the corruption or interference of some extensions with the connection. Whatever the cause, the best action to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error is to turn off any installed Chrome extensions and check to see if the issue has been resolved. 

If it does, turn on each extension individually while trying to access the website repeatedly. In this manner, you will be able to identify the precise problematic Chrome extension that is the root of the problem.

Make use of the Chrome Cleaning Tool.

To assist in troubleshooting issues that might be causing issues with this browser, Chrome includes a Cleanup Tool. This useful program can check your computer for malicious malware that could obstruct Chrome or cause issues like ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED.

By entering the URL "chrome:/settings/cleanup" in the address bar of your Chrome browser and selecting "Find," you can quickly access this tool and begin checking your machine for malicious software.

Reset Chrome Settings

You can restore or reset your Chrome settings to default to ensure that there are no longer any chances of the problem occurring when using the browser. 

With the built-in tool in Chrome, this can be done rapidly. To do this, adhere to the following steps:

  • Access the Chrome settings.
  • Click Restore settings to their defaults after selecting the Reset and clean up option.
  • Select the Reset settings button.

Modify the DNS settings

Users can temporarily change DNS Server addresses while experiencing problems because the ISP typically provides them. There are currently two well-known public domains with a significant user base and a reputation for security. The first is Cloudflare, while the second is Google's Public DNS.

Some DNS servers aren't in operation but likely experience ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED errors. In this case, switching to Google and Cloudflare servers will help you fix the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

You can set up your computer to utilize Cloudflare's free DNS service, which is a dependable and privacy-conscious choice that ought to resolve the problem.

Check your computer for malware and viruses.

One of the most likely causes of the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error is potentially dangerous software or viruses already installed on your computer. 

Any malware or virus on your computer can obstruct the browser's ability to communicate with the server, which results in error messages.

However, if you've already utilized Chrome's built-in cleanup tool, those problems would have been discovered.  However, we advise you to use any reliable malware scanning application to perform a thorough malware scan.

Without question, the Chrome browser performs better than many of its competitors, like Microsoft's Edge, Firefox, opera, and safari, in some areas. However, it is still prone to faults, which its users must occasionally deal with.

In most cases, the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error message denotes a problem with the connection between your computer and the website rather than a problem caused by the website itself.

Finding and addressing the potential cause is the best way to deal with the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error. 

As a result, we have listed all the potential causes of this mistake and the best solutions to cure each one using the simplest techniques. You can try any of the ways indicated above, and we are confident that at least one will succeed. 

The last resort to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error is to get in touch with your web hosting company and request assistance if none of those mentioned above strategies is successful.

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