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How to Change RDP Password? [Change Remote Desktop Password]

In today's in-depth tutorial, we will show you how to change the RDP password.

Posted: 13 Jul, 21 Updated: 14 Dec, 22 by Antoniy Yushkevych 4 Min

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as you are also one who is probably searching for a way to change RDP password by using a Remote Desktop connection (Remote Desktop Protocol). This is a common scenario for remote employees and server admins who frequently need to remotely access platforms (such as Virtual Machines) via another Desktop computer. When this happens, the conventional CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination won't work since this is a local OS, which is the one on the PC we're using to connect the remote environment, and will trigger its very own password reset dashboard, enabling us to change the local Windows login details instead of the remote one.

This blog post will help you to know about how to change remote desktop password. Let's dive to understand various methods through which you can change RDP Password.

Method 1: Using the CTRL + ALT + END shortcut

Fortunately, there is another key combination that we can use to access the remote system's change password screen: CTRL + ALT + END. This operation is designed for remote desktop interactions, and it could be used to reset passwords without the intervention of the local OS. The END key is typically located near the Delete key, which may explain why it was selected as a substitute hotkey.

Method 2: Making Use of the On-Screen Keyboard

If you may not want to or are otherwise unable to use the CTRL + ALT + END key combination, you can still get to the "change password" screen by using the Windows On-Screen Keyboard. To use it, go to the Start menu, type “ost,” and then click the On-Screen Keyboard icon that appears. We can now use the device keypad to press CTRL + ALT, followed by a concurrent click on the third key which is the delete key on the Keypad.

Method 3: If your password is actually expired

When you log in, the remote access device, it will present the following problem notification if the password lapses before you could even change it:

How to Change RDP Password? [Change Remote Desktop Password]

In this case, all we can do is approach your Admin of the system or IT helpdesk and request login credentials; after this is completed, we will be able to connect again into the remote system and modify the login credentials with a personalized, safer one.

Method 4: Start the shell

The Windows Security Options are fully available from the shell. To do so, open a command prompt or enter the lines into the Command prompt:

C:\Windows\explorer.exe shell:::{2559a1f2-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}

Method 5: Execute a VBS script

This one is also quite great. It will bring you to the Windows Security Options screen, where you can change your passcodes. Save the file as securityoptions.vbs by copying and pasting the lines below into Notepad. The VBS should then be opened, run, and executed.

Set objShell = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)


Resetting a password, unlike changing it, does not require you to remember the existing password. Instead, you simply overwrite the existing password and create a new password.

Use the Active Directory tool present in your device

While logged in to a desktop that has active directory tools installed, you could use Active Directory Users and Computers to change the password. However, you'll require user account access to do so.

  1. Start -> Run -> dsa.msc (or Start -> Run -> dsa.msc or open Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. Locate the account which is present at the top, right-click and select Find.
  3. Reset Password by right-clicking the account.

Hence we have seen different ways in which a remote desktop connection password can be reset. You can also get know how to change RDP password through any of the methods listed. This is very helpful while dealing with remote desktops as you don’t have physical access to the server. If you face any problem while executing these two methods to change your RDP Session and Other Windows password while using remote desktop connection then you can with the below-given comment box and we will try to solve your problem. also you can buy fast rdp from MonoVM, we have data centers from more than 20 locations worldwide.

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