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How to access a Linux Server using an iOS device

Have you ever wanted to run a Linux shell on your iOS device to transfer files, write shell scripts, or simply to use Vi to develop code or edit files? Worry not in this article we will let you know how to do all those things and more.

Posted: 26 Apr, 19 Updated: 05 Mar, 23 by Susith Nonis 2 Min

Accessing your Linux server SSH using an iOS device

In order to connect to the Linux VPS server from your iOS device, first of all you will need to set up the server and install SSH server. Note that in this tutorial we will be connecting to a CentOS server.

  • Install openssh-server package:

sudo yum install -y openssh-server;

How to Connect to SSH from Iphone & iOS

Now let’s move forward in connecting from your iOS device. Note that during this tutorial we will be working with “serverauditor” SSH client.

Download “Termius” from the AppStore

Download Termius from AppStore

Open the application and create a free account.

Termius creating account

Once you’re registered you will have the following window.

Termius initial window

To create a new host connection, tap the + icon in the top-right of the app.

Termius creating new hosts

In the pop-up menu in order to create a new connection tap “New Host”

New host on termius

Then you will have to fill out the server details in the given fields.

  • Alias - write out a nickname you’d like to give your remote SSH session.
  • Hostname - add the IP address of the remote SSH server, or the hostname/domain name.
  • Tap “Use SSH” then, fill out the remote Linux system’s username and password.
  • Tap “Save” in Termius to save your connection information to the app.

Filling up the server details

Save the details after filling the information. Now you will be taken back to the initial window where your server will be shown. Click on the server to start the connection.

In the pop-up window, press continue and afterwards, you will be connected to your server.

Access for linux server

Congratulations! You made it. Now you know how to access your server from an iOS device.

Here is complete guide about how to connect to SSH from all devices.

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