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DNS configuration on MikroTik

In this short blog post we will clearly and precisely show you how to set-up and configure the DNS using MikroTIk.

Posted: 06 Mar, 19 Updated: 09 Nov, 22 by Oliver K 1 Min

To add and get acquainted with setting up the DNS to all MikroTik Router: select IP > DNS. A window will be opened as shown below:


  • Servers: you can add DNS servers IP
  • Dynamic servers: if you use a dynamic server for DNS, enter the IP in this field.
  • Allow remote requests: enabling this check box will enable MikroTik to work as a DNS server.

Note that the DNS setting in MikroTik is a cache DNS and resolves all DNS requests to external servers.

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Oliver K

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2020, Mar, 20

I have blocked DNS, i cant change :(