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Block IP or Network in MikroTik

To block or accept traffic in mikrotik, follow below steps:

20 Feb, 19 by Oliver K 1 min Read

To block or accept traffic in mikrotik, follow below steps:

  • At first we should login to the router OS vps server. Open router login page (use winbox or web access), enter IP, username and password and click connect. ( as shown below )
  • In opened windows, click on “IP” menu and select firewall in submenu. Select the first tab named as “Filter Rules”.

Note: when list is empty, all IP and networks can access to the router. If you add only one rule, all traffic will be re-arranged based on this rule.

  • Click on add (blue plus item) to insert new rule. In opened windows you can identify the properties of the rule. Click on General tab to define general specification of the rule. In “chain” drop down list you can select the type of traffic. It is input or output or even forwarded. Then enter the source address or destination address of traffic packets. These two steps is enough to define a basic rule and you can select other properties like protocol or source port and destination port.
  • Then go to “action” tab to select what the router will do with this traffic.  Select the options which are available in action drop down list. Select 'drop' to deny the traffic or select 'accept' to allow the traffic.

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