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10 PuTTy Tips and Tricks

Learn some useful PuTTy tips and tricks, such as proxy configuration, window formatting, text formatting, logging and much more.

05 Oct, 20 by Oliver K 4 min Read

In this article we will describe ten different PuTTy tips and tricks for you to have a better user experience.

putty used for connecting to linux servers through SSH.

1. Changing PuTTy Window Title
To change the title of PuTTy window, in left side menu, select “Behaviour” submenu from “Window” section. Write what you want to show in title bar in the "Window title:" box as shown in the image below.
10 PuTTy Tips and Tricks



2. Making PuTTy full screen
You can resize the PuTTy window and set it into in full screen mode by pressing the "alt" and "enter" keys silmoutaneously, however this feature must be enabled first. To do so, in left side menu, select “Behaviour” submenu from “Window” section and check the last checkbox with the text: “Full screen on Alt-Enter”. See the image below for a visual representation of the aforementioned steps.



3. Configure Proxy
To login to the server using proxy or other networks, you can set the proxy and PuTTy will use it to login to the server. To enable this feature select “Proxy” from “Connection” menu, select the proxy type and fill in all the necessary fields. For a better understanding, see the following image.



4. Changing Text Formatting
Want to personalize your PuTTy experience? Youre are able to change the formatting of the text in the program, with many options available for font selection, styling and size. To do so, simply select the "Appearance" subcategory in the "Window" menu. Under "Font settings", press the "Change..." button, and a new window should open. From this opened window, you are able to change the desired settings. All the steps can be seen in the image below.



5. Resize the PuTTy Window
It is possible to resize the PuTTy window, however this feature must also be enabled in the configuration. To do so, first select the "Window" category and under "Set the size of window", you can set a static size by entering the number of columns and rows and select the "Forbid resizing completely". A visual representation of the said process can be seen in the image below.



6. Enable Rich Editor Format
Copied text from PuTTy is based on plain text. To enable rich editor format, open selection submenu from “Window” category and check the last checkbox in the bottom of the window as shown in the image below.



7. Change Background and Foreground Colour
Add a little bit of a personal touch to your PuTTy window by changing the background and foreground colours. This can be done by selecting the "Colours" submenu from the "Window" category. Under "Select a colour to adjust:", select the object you want to customize and click on "Modify". From here you can select the colour from the RGB scale or insert the desired RGB colour code directly into the respective fields.



8. Enable Logging in PuTTy
Saving log files is one of the better ways to monitor the session output. To enable this feature, select the "Logging" sucategory located under "Session". Select the desired logging content using the radio buttons under "Session logging:" and define the filepath. From here you could also change other parameter of your logs.



9. Hide the Mouse Pointer
The pesky mouse pointer can sometimes get in the way when typing in the terminal window, so you have the option to hide it when typing. Select the "Appearance" submenu from "Window" category nad check "Hide mouse pointer when typing in window" configuration.



10. Make PuTTy Window Display Always on Top
Are you a heavy multitasker? Make the PuTTy window always show on top of others by checking the "Ensure window is always on top" option in the "Behaviour" submenu under the "Window" category.


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