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Dec, 18

What is IPMI?

Maybe when you want to buy a server, Host provider companies also presentation an option named IPMI. IPMI or thoroughly intelligent platform management interface is an extra hardware on server that you can use it to connect to the server over IP. IPMI need a network link. Actually, IPMI is KVM over IP.

Today all of servers have this technology by default on own motherboard and you can configure as extra module over old servers.

You can configure it by Bios or UEFI and note that to configure IPMI, having an IP and default username and password (both of them is admin) is needed. When the server is out of main network, we can handle it by IPMI. Management server over IPMI have some methods like web access or using special applications such as IPMI VIEW, FREEIPMI and OPEN IPMI.

IPMI has been published in three version 1, 1.5 and 2. Over IPMI we can do some works like:

  • Server console management
  • Turn on or off server
  • Reboot server
  • Giving information by sensors like server temperature, server fans, CPU temperature and etc.

Similar to this technology is available in different servers with different names and even with different options. For example, HP products uses ILO technology.


Kernel-based virtual machine or it is called KVM used to virtualization any server and run some OS on host machine. Its technology built based on Linux.

With KVM you can convert Linux environment to the base mode that you need some OS components. To do this you have to install Linux that released after 2007 on x86.

KVM has many features because all benefits in Linux is distributed in KVM. Some of them are:

  • Security: use SELinux and Svirt
  • Storage: can be handle local hard drive and network attached storage
  • Hardware: can be support every hardware
  • Memory management
  • Low latency

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