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Everyone has definitely used Google and probably Bing, however, did you know there are loads more? Today we will show you what we think are the best search engines.

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Marketers always focus highly on Google when they want their websites to receive heavy traffic. For example, whenever you discuss an SEO-related project with your team members, you will mention the word “Google” many times in your meetings. Also, you will come across these terms like organic searches, capturing pages on the first page of Google, and winning unique featured snippets. 

Google is an impactful and compelling search engine with a search market share of more than 70 percent. This popularity also has some cons as users find it difficult to rank their websites on the first page of the search results because of stiff competition. There are many complex opportunities to generate traffic if you don’t use search engines like Google for your business. You can also find alternatives of Google that we will focus on talking about in this article.



Google has entirely dominated the market and has a search market share of more than 70 percent. It is one of the popular search engines across the world that people use to generate business. About 85 percent of the traffic that comes to your website is redirected from Google. Therefore, Google is considered a viable option for many business owners because of its huge traffic potential. If you aim to bring business to your website through paid campaigns or organically, Google is the best option available to you. However, when you use Google to promote your brands, products, and services, you will face still competition from your competitors. 

Additionally, Google has now performed some recent updates to its algorithm that includes inserting featured snippets. This aims to satisfy the user requirements directly on the platform as they don’t have to click on any links and visit multiple websites. However, these certain changes and its popularity will make it challenging for you to get traffic into your website immediately.


Another best platform that competes with Google is Bing. It accounts for almost 33 percent of searches in the U.S., bringing many people directly into your website to generate business. It is the third biggest SERPs across the United States of America. The result page is similar to that of Google and has similar categories, background, blue links, and many more aspects. Although there are many similarities to Google, Bing offers Rewards that Google doesn’t offer. This program will give you points when you are searching and shopping on the search engine. You can also redeem these points in the form of gift cards, make donations to NPOs and NGOs, and many more.

According to a recent report, Microsoft websites handle almost all the queries taking place within the United States of America. It is currently outperforming Google in some States, providing the users what they want. The user experience of Bing is quite impressive when compared to other search engine platforms.


Considered to be the largest SERP in China, the search engine captures more than 75 percent of the search market within China. It also looks like Google; however, the default language to use this platform is Mandarin. It has a white background, green URLs and follows the same pattern that Google follows. It also aims to become the largest search engine platform across the world and add many rich features to the SERPs. 

If you want to get into Asian Market and dominate the businesses within Asia, it is one of the best options you have to perform SEO. However, this platform censors many images and have blocks placed on sensitive information and content. Moreover, unlike Google or Bing, this platform blocks all the pro-democracy sites. So, when you perform searches across the platform, you can find not many comprehensive results list on this platform.


Although the platform is not a popular search engine used to register and perform businesses, it still covers 3 percent across the global search engine market. It is now being powered by another search engine, Bing. This means that the results you will find will be similar to the results you will come across in Bing. Although its services are not up to the market, it is still used by more than 600 million users on their smartphones every month. Yahoo has more than 1 billion subscribers, acquiring a major chunk of the market across the world. 

Yahoo provides comprehensive organic and inorganic results. The shopping searches Yahoo provides have many features and facilities when compared to other platforms. It also provides other services that include Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, and many mobile apps. 


Yandex is also another best platform that you can use to get businesses and search for the results that you are looking for. The Russians primarily use it, which constitutes 45 percent of the search result market shares for the company. However, people across Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other Asian countries also use this search to find the best results. 

It provides the best user experience to the users and provides some of the best tools for all marketers and business owners. It features products like CliclHouse, CatBoost, AppMetrica, Yandex.Cloud, Maps API, and many more tools can help you in streamlining your business significantly. 

CC Search

This search engine must be on the first stop for your hunt to find the best search engines if you don’t want to use Google. The content that is being uploaded into this search engine doesn’t need copyright claims to use it. This means that you don’t need to give or ask for credits when you are downloading content from this search engine and using it wherever you want. 

This SERP works perfectly for all content creators. For example, if you are a content creator and want to add background music to your video, this is the platform from where you can download music for free and without getting into copyright issues. Also, this site is primarily used by bloggers to add images to their blog posts. 

The search engine works and draws results from several platforms, including Wikimedia, SoundCloud, and many more. In addition, it displays the results that are termed CC (Creative Commons) materials.

Swiss cows

It is one of the best options on this list and claims to be one of the family-friendly search engines across the world. It also takes pride as it respects its users' privacy and never collects, stores, or tracks the data of its users. 

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the users' queries and give them the context they are looking for. Then, over a period, it promises to answer the user’s questions with great accuracy that you might not find in any other search engines.


Another best platform, DuckDuckGo, also values the user’s personal information and data. It doesn’t store, collect, or track its customers' data, ensuring that its customers experience the best performance without worrying about data privacy.

This means that when you are searching anything on DuckDuckGo, you don’t have to worry that anyone is monitoring the searches that appear on your computer screen. The platform is best used by those people who are unwilling to share their browsing habits with anyone and want to keep their personal data safe and private.


It shows the best answers from the Google platform that makes a perfect choice for all the people who prefer search results from Google. However, they don’t Google to store their browsing history or want Google to track their data and store it. It also has an URL generator, proxy services and supports HTTPS. People mostly use it as it restricts cookies to collect information from the users. Instead, it will remember the settings that you have saved and uses them to showcase similar results as per the history. It promotes privacy across search engines. 

Search Encrypt

One of the best private search engines, Search Encrypt, also utilizes local encryption models to make sure that your browsing habits remain private and encrypted. It uses Secure Sockets Layer encryption methods, AES-256 encryption combination to keep your information and personal data safe and secured. When you type in a query, it pulls up the results from various network partners that are search engines and delivers you with the best results or required information. The best thing about the search engine is that the search terms will remain private and expire over a period. This information also stays primate even when someone else is accessing your computer.


It is one of the best sites that are preferred mostly by Patriots. It claims to use modified versions of Google algorithms to showcase results to the audiences. When you place a query on this search engine, it will seek help from Google; however, it will not track activities from the search engine. Additionally, it doesn’t track, store, or collect cookies. This means the search engine works faster than Google or any other NSA Search Engines as the platform claims to be one of the efficient platforms for all the patriots.


Another platform that doesn’t track, collect, or store data of the users, this search engine was launched in January 2020. The platform doesn’t track, retargets cookies, or saves personal profiles. It doesn’t share personal data and information with advertisers, promoters, or data collection companies. It doesn’t store any search history of the users. Instead, it provides unbiased and unfiltered results to the users. It also encrypts search terms and provides the right results to its users.

One of the Wiki’s best creations, this platform pulls results from millions of wikis present on the internet. This perfect search engine is best used by those professionals who appreciate community-driven information, as you can find on websites like Wikipedia. 


If you are willing to find forums and board messages based on specific subjects, this is the platform you can use. This search engine pulls data from all the online forums and message boards, providing you with the right results within a few seconds. You can find forums that you wanted to visit and join them using this specific search engine.


This is a search engine that mostly promotes social causes and steps to save the environment. This aims to positively influence the globe by empowering people to solve poor water quality issues and inefficient sanitation in this rapidly developing world. The company's CEO took inspiration from Charity: Water organization and came up with this search engine for all the environmentalists, socialists, and non-profit organizational workers.


This platform helps in generating awareness on climate change across the world to the people. It donates about 60 percent of its revenue every month to numerous partnered charities. The search engine focuses on reforestation, climate change actions, animal welfare, and many society-driven activities. It also aims to change its charitable causes every month and develop a social cause that can help save the earth.

With about .35 percent of search traffic received every month, this model is one of the modest options that you can use compared to search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. Although Google powers sponsored search results that you see in, its original algorithm is quite catchy and compelling for the users. It has gained popularity because of many unique features that include smart answers and neutral languages to provide answers to users’ queries. 


These are some of the best search engines that you can access and search for the answers that you are looking for. If you are a business owner or marketer, you can also use these search engines to stand out from the competition and generate revenue. These platforms have unique features and offer tools that will help advertisers and business owners make the best use. Also, these search engine platforms provide the best experience to the users by providing them with the results they need. Although some platforms may use the same algorithms, the searches are defined based on the previous history, demographics, and user data saved. If you choose to keep your browsing data private, then you can also opt for platforms that provide end-to-end security.

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