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WHOIS is an internet service and protocol that search and display information about a domain name from archives of domain registrars all around the world.

Domain Search

With MonoVM's WHOIS search tool, we give you the ability to lookup any generic domain and find out detailed information about the domain.

WHOIS Search

WHOIS provides detailed information such as registrar and contact information of the party that controls the domain. Use our privacy protection to keep this information from being misused by possible third parties.


Protect Your Privacy

Do you own a domain name, and don't want your personal information to be publicly available? Use MonoVM privacy protection to keep your information masked and replaced with our contact information. This service will help you prevent identity or information theft. This helps you to avoid telemarketing spam and share only the information that you want the public eye to see.

MonoVM Domain Registration Services

You have a local business and want to connect with the customers easier? We provide domains per locations. For example if your business is based for clients in UK we got .co.uk or if you target Canada we provide .ca domains.

Domains in bulk will save your money

Search for your domain and we provide you the choice for purchasing the relevant domains in bulk for a cheaper price rather than paying for single domains. Go ahead and try our advanced domain name system and experience the simple and best service available.

Auto renewal feature

A domain is a user-friendly naming system that allows people to easily navigate web servers and web pages. Rather than having to type in an IP address you can just type in an assigned easy-to-remember character string, called a domain.

Buy Domain Name

Domain Services

Here are all the domain services we offer. Click on a service to find out more.

Domain Renewal

Domain Renewal

Renew your domains with up to 5 years in advance, make sure you don't lose your domain name.

Domain Promotion

Domain Promotion

Check the domains that are on sale right now. We took our already competitive prices and dropped them even lower on selected domains.

Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer

Effortlessly transfer your existing domain names from other registrars to MonoVM at low costs.

Domain Backorder

Domain Backorder

Domain you want is taken? There's still a chance to secure it once it expires.

Domain name Features

Some features available with our domain registration services.

Competitive Prices

Why massively overpay for domain registration? With MonoVM competitive prices, it's easier than ever to get your domain name registered.

Instant registration

Just in a few minutes register your domain, gone are the days when you have to wait around.

Identity Protection

Keep your personal information protected by using our services to replace the WHOIS info and keep your identity safe.

Theft Protection

A transfer request for your domain name to another registrar will fail unless disabled through your domain control panel.

Free DNS Management

Map your domain name to a web hosting or email service, set domain aliases and do much more with our free DNS management.

Free Webmail

Get two professional email addresses for your business using our free email service upon purchase.

Professional Support

Our team of trained experts are online 24/7 to answer any questions you have and help you register your domain.

A widely-trusted Service

Become one of the 20,000+ customers to use our domain registration services and enjoy the unparalleled quality.