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Debian VPS Server

We provide a very vast range of operating systems along with our VPS servers, including Linux Debian.

Debian VPS

All of our Debian servers come with full root access, giving over the reins to the users, allowing them to have full control of the virtual machine. The servers the VPSs are hosted on, are built on the latest Intel and Supermicro enterprise-grade hardware and are based on VMware ESXi hypervisor. You can also select the Debian version that is most fit for your needs.
Linux Debian has access to one of the largest online repositories that contain over 51,000 software packages, making it the biggest software compilation. The official release of Debian contains only free software, but paid software can be found alongside the free ones available for download and installation from its repositories. Debian systems currently use the'Linux'kernel or the FreeBSD kernel.


Want to buy Linux VPS? We offer a variety of plans to fit your needs and budget. Just take a look and choose the perfect VPS from the selection below!

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Monthly Yearly (Save 20%)

Linux 512 MB

$ 5.99

/MO (billed semiannually)

CPU: 1 Core

RAM: 512 MB


Traffic: Up to Unlimited

Port: 1 Gbps

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Linux 1024 MB

$12.99 Save 30%


/MO *

CPU: 1 Core

RAM: 1024 MB


Traffic: Up to Unlimited

Port: 1 Gbps

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Linux 2048 MB

$19.99 Save 30%


/MO *

CPU: 1 Core

RAM: 2048 MB


Traffic: Up to Unlimited

Port: 1 Gbps

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Linux 4096 MB

$29.99 Save 30%


/MO *

CPU: 2 Core

RAM: 4096 MB


Traffic: Up to Unlimited

Port: 1 Gbps

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Linux 6144 MB

$49.99 Save 30%


/MO *

CPU: 4 Core

RAM: 6144 MB


Traffic: Up to Unlimited

Port: 1 Gbps

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Linux 8192 MB

$64.99 Save 30%


/MO *

CPU: 4 Core

RAM: 8192 MB


Traffic: Up to Unlimited

Port: 1 Gbps

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Dedicated Servers

Just about any Debian version is available with all of the dedicated server configurations we provide. Simply choose your desired version when picking the configuration. If you do not see the one you want, you can request it manually.


$ 85.00 / MO

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Debian Downloads

We provide the latest releases of Debian 8 and 9. Click on the links below and it will take you directly to the version's download page.

Debian 8 Debian 9


Your success is our passion! That is why we provide high-quality Linux VPS hosting with the best features. Our features convinced you'll enjoy the smooth performance, strong tools, and dependable service.

Complete control with SSH access

SSH provides unlimited access to your Linux VPS, allowing you to install any applications or control panels that you want.

Easy management from our dashboard

Our web-based dashboard allows you to quickly manage your Linux virtual machine. Need to swap OS systems or reboot? Not a problem! You are only a few clicks away from making modifications to your virtual computer.

Instant Linux VPS setup

No more waiting! Your Linux VPS will be up and running in 10 seconds after your payment is confirmed.

Expert support at your fingertips

Are you struggling with a technical issue? Our IT professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We take pleasure in delivering excellent support so you can focus on what is most important.

Linux VPS hardware details

Our Linux VPS hosting uses top-of-the-line hardware, including powerful Intel Xeon processors and Supermicro motherboards. Data is stored on high-performance SSDs, with some servers featuring even faster NVMe drives. For maximum security and speed, we utilize RAID 10 arrays with built-in SSD caching, all expertly configured by our technicians. Plus, with data centers strategically located around the world, you can choose the best location for optimal performance for your visitors.

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Linux VPS Hosting FAQs

Here are the most common questions we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quick as possible.

To connect to your Linux server via SSH, just install an SSH client on your computer or mobile device. Also, access your virtual private server's command line, where a control panel allows for direct SSH or VNC connections. Read our blog post to have a thorough understanding of this idea.

All our plans will be activated within 10 seconds since the payment is processed.

We accept multiple payment gateways, including Credit Cards, PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. In the latest world, most People are using Bitcoin to buy VPS.

When it comes to hosting your website on a Linux VPS, you have two options:
  • Using a hosting control panel: On your Linux VPS, install popular control panel software such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk. These panels simplify web hosting duties by providing a user-friendly interface for configuring hosting functions easily.
  • Manual web server configuration: To host your website on a Linux VPS, configure a web server manually using Apache or Nginx. While this method provides more control and customization, it necessitates a higher level of technical proficiency.

Yes, we provide IPV6. You will be given an IPv4 and an IPv6 address for all our Linux VPS servers.

Yes, you can change the operating system. This can be accomplished through our VPS management control panel. When the OS is changed, all server data is cleared out, and you are given a new server with the new OS.

Yes, you can change your password in two ways:
  • If you forget your password, log in to our client area and go to the VPS management control panel. Under the settings tab, you will be able to change the password of your VPS.
  • Also, if you have a password and only want to change that, you can use this article.

Yes. We do provide VNC access to all our Linux VPS hosting clients. You can access it by logging into the client area and going to the VPS management control panel. From here, you can access your server via VNC.

Yes, besides Linux, we offer VPS with Windows and MikroTik operating systems.

For securing and hardening Linux servers you can check our blog post.

You can check the feedback of over 66000 customers who used crypto payments on our platform. For more reviews, visit our Trustpilot page: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/monovm.com

Absolutely, we have a seven-day cancellation policy that entitles you to a full refund within this timeframe. This money-back guarantee does not apply to dedicated servers, domain registrations, add-on goods, or cryptocurrency payments.