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.swiss is a top-level domain (TLD) for Switzerland. It was approved by ICANN as a TLD on 16 Oct 2014. This is meant to augment the traditional .ch TLD. The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) began registering .swiss domains as of 7 September 2015. Open registration to other legal entities begins from 11 January 2016.
{{TLD| |logo = |status = Delegated |country = Switzerland |language = |translation = |manager = |registryprovider = [[Swiss Confederation]] |registrations = |date implemented = 29 Apr 2015 |type = [[Community gTLD]], [[Brand TLD]] |category = |community = |priority = 220 - [[Swiss Confederation]] |keypeople = }} '''.swiss''' is a new [[Community gTLD]] delegated in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]]. The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] on April 29th, 2015.[http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/delegated-strings Delegated String, ICANN.org] Retrieved 27 Apr 2015[http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/application-results/strings-1200utc-13jun12-en Reveal Day 13 June 2012 – New gTLD Applied-For Strings] ==Current Applicant== * [[Swiss Confederation]] (Swiss government), [[Community TLD|Community Priority Application]] The Sovereign Confederation of Switzerland has secureD [[CORE]] at its backend registry operator. "The purpose of the TLD .swiss is to serve the Swiss community, defined as the community of individuals, legal entities and public institutions with a bona fide presence in Switzerland." "A bona fide presence in Switzerland (and thus community membership) (A) is a necessary but NOT in itself a sufficient condition for the right to hold any imaginable .swiss domain name. As the policy principles under (B) above show, there are additional requirements specific to the intrinsic role and importance of the domain name in question. These requirements will be defined in detail in specific registration regulations. They concern in particular the nature of the registrant’s presence in Switzerland and the registrant’s use of the domain name. Again, this will based on the fundamental principle of prudence: starting with a conservative registration policy in order to establish quality of and confidence in the .swiss TLD and then gradually opening up the policy as long as it does not endanger this quality and confidence."Application 1-1328-58462 ===Previous Applicant=== The brand application submitted by [[Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.]] was issued a [[GAC]] Early warning by the Swiss government; the warning system is noted as a strong recommendation on behalf of national governments to the [[ICANN Board]] that a given TLD application should be denied.[https://gacweb.icann.org/download/attachments/22938690/Swiss-CH-36248.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1353382197000 Swiss CH, GACweb.ICANN.org] Retrieved 24 November 2012 ==References== {{reflist}} [[Category:TLD]]

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.swiss Registrar Details

.SWISS Domain Name
Swiss Confederation
Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC)Bundeshaus Nord, Kochergasse 10
Bern, BE 3003
+41 31 322 55 11
+41 31 322 26 92
Registry Website