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.seek Domain Name

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{{TLD| |logo = |status = Delegated |country = |language = |translation = |manager = |registryprovider = [[ARI Registry Services]] |registrations = |date = |type = [[Brand TLD]] |category = |community = |priority = 1509 - [[Seek Limited]] |keypeople = }} '''.seek''' is a [[Brand TLD]] delegated to the [[Root Zone]] in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]] on 11 August 2015. The applicant is [[Seek Limited]].[http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/application-results/strings-1200utc-13jun12-en Reveal Day 13 June 2012 – New gTLD Applied-For Strings] ==Application Details== The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18: "THE MISSION AND PURPOSE OF THE NEW RESTRICTED .SEEK gTLD IS TO BENEFIT INTERNET USERS BY ENSURING INCREASED TRUST, SECURITY AND CONFIDENCE THROUGH THE ELIMINATION OF USER CONFUSION AND ASSURANCE OF ONLINE BRAND REPUTATION AND BRAND AUTHENTICITY. The .seek gTLD will create a new generation gTLD serving the interests of end users by providing an authoritative Internet space where information, services and resources for online job search, learning, education, business search and volunteering via the seek brand will be closely controlled by Seek Ltd. (SEEK).The majority of the anticipated domain name registrations in the .seek gTLD will be used to make the seek brand more prominent and visible and to provide a more consistent user experience. A subset of domain names has the potential to be created and used for communication and marketing purposes, with internet users assured of brand authenticity. SEEK was established in Melbourne in 1997 and has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2005. SEEK is Australia’s leading employment website with over 150,000 jobs advertised in Australia, New-Zealand, the UK, Ireland and worldwide and over 14 million visitors per month. SEEK employs around 700 people in Australia and New Zealand as well as a significant number in its JobsDB subsidiary, a leading online employment company in South East Asia, and international investments throughout South East Asia, China, Brazil and Mexico. SEEK has an annual turnover of over AUD 344 million and had a net profit of AUD 97 million (financial year 2011). SEEK has unique insights in the local labour markets and regularly conducts research into employment trends and jobseeker sentiment including ‘The SEEK Employment Index’ and ‘SEEK Job Market Update’. SEEK also has two non-employment businesses: SEEK Commercial (option to browse for businesses and franchises for sale) and SEEK Learning (providing jobseekers with vocational education through partnerships with leading training providers). SEEK further has affiliates providing online employment websites in Brazil, China, Malaysia and Mexico. SEEK has consistently, during the past seven years, ranked highly in ‘the Best Employers to Work for in Australia and New Zealand’ survey conducted by Hewitt Associates. In 2009, SEEK was ranked on the top 25 Best Employers in Asia. SEEK strives to protect its key online brands (SEEK Employment, SEEK Learning, SEEK Education, SEEK Commercial and SEEK Volunteer) and in this regard, consumer trust and continuous innovation are paramount considerations in all its activities."[https://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applicationstatus/applicationdetails/38 Application Download, gTLDresult.ICANN.org] Retrieved 2 Mar 2013 ==References== {{reflist}} [[Category:TLD]]

Domain naming tips

3 basic tips when selecting the right domain name for your website.

Using a local top level domain

If it’s a local business and you want more customers, why not take a look at our domains which are given according to the location you require (.lt , .co.uk, .nyc, .berlin).

Avoid numbers

Avoid the usage of numbers because the people who hear about your website will be having a tough time figuring out if the website contains the number (2) or the number in words (two).

Avoid symbols

Hyphens and dashes will make things complicated and it doesn’t look professional.

Registrar Details

SEEK Domain Name
Seek Limited
Level 6, 541 St. Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria 3004
+61 1300 658 700
Registry Website