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.neustar Domain Name

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{{TLD| |logo = |status = Delegated |manager = [[Neustar]] |country = International |language = |stringcontention = |registryprovider = [[Neustar]] |registrations = |date = 19 February 2014 |type = [[Brand gTLD]] |community = |priority = 409 - [[Neustar]] |keypeople = }} '''.neustar''' is a delegated [[Brand gTLD]] in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD program]] by the prominent [[registry]] and telecommunications company, Neustar. It announced the plan in June, 2011, on the very day that new gTLDs were approved by the [[ICANN Board]] and became the first registry to make such a move, and one of the first brands as well.[http://www.neustar.biz/about-us/news-room/press-releases/2011/neustar-to-establish-its-own-brand-specific-generic-top-level-domain Neustar To Establish Its Own Brand Specific Generic Top Level Domain, Neustar.biz] The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] on 19 February 2014.[http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/delegated-strings Delegated Strings, ICANN.org] Retrieved 20 Feb 2014 One commentator notes that the timing and nature of the announcement were likely made to help bolster its credentials and approach in selling its registry and consultation services to fellow .brand applicants. It remains to be seen how Neustar the TLD it already manages, [[.biz]], into its new TLD strategy; its current homepage is found at neustar.biz.[http://domainincite.com/neustar-eats-own-dog-food-plans-neustar-bid/ Neustar Eats Own Dog Food Plans Neustar Bid, DomainIncite.com] ==Contract Signed== On December 5, 2013 [[Neustar]] received a [[Registry Agreement]] signed by [[ICANN]] for .neustar after passing all the required processes needed to become a [[Registry Operator]] for the string.[http://domainincite.com/15245-donuts-portfolio-swells-as-icann-signs-31-new-gtld-contracts Donuts Portfolio Swells as ICANN Signs 31 New gTLD Contracts, DomainIncite] Retrieved 06 Dec 2013 ==Delegation and Availability== .neustar was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] of the [[DNS]] on 19 February, 2014, completing the successful application for the string. ==References== {{reflist}} [[Category:TLD]] [[Category:TLDs with Registry Agreements|neustar]]

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Avoid numbers

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Avoid symbols

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Registrar Details

NEUSTAR Domain Name
NeuStar, Inc.
NeuStar, Inc.
21575 Ridgetop Circle
Sterling, VA 20166
1 5714345400
+1 703 738 7965
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