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{{TLD| |logo =Dotfashion.png |status = Proposed |manager = |country = |language = |translation = |registryprovider = |registrations = |date = |type = [[gTLD|Open]] |category = [[:Category:Industry New gTLDs|Industry]] |community = |priority = 320 - [[Uniregistry]], Corp.
493 - [[Donuts]] (Big Dynamite, LLC)

516 - [[Top Level Domain Holdings]]
1178 - [[Famous Four Media]] (Diamond Registry Limited) |keypeople = }} '''.fashion''' is a [[gTLD]] that was proposed in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]]. After a [[Private auction]] in May 2014, [[Minds + Machines Group Limited|MMX]], also known as [[Minds and Machines, LLC|Minds + Machines]], became the only applicant for the string. ==Intended Use== '''.fashion''' is a new generic top-level domain targeted to fashion industry professionals and enthusiasts as well as for use in specialty applications including photographer, designer and model portfolios. ==Delegation Status== '''.fashion''' was delegated on 6 December 2014, and launched into GA on 15 April 2015. ==Notable Users== The '''.fashion''' top-level domain (TLD) is an open TLD, open to all, and offers fashion, clothing and footwear brands and businesses a unique opportunity to strengthen their web presence. By creating a memorable, unique address, '''.fashion''' strongly ties individuals and brands to the concept of fashion. The domain works equally well across a variety of applications: it could be used for a clothing brand’s online store, a model’s portfolio page, a photographer’s online flip-book, a cosmetics brand’s web presence, and much more. ==Current Applicant== # [[Minds + Machines Group Limited|MMX]], also known as [[Minds and Machines, LLC|Minds + Machines]]- It is one of 68 new gTLD applications filed for by the company on its own behalf.[http://www.tldh.org/2012/06/gtld-application-update-92-applications-submitted/ gTLD Application Update 92 applications submitted, TLDH.org] This applicant submitted a [[PIC|Public Interest Commitment]], which can be downloaded [https://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applicationstatus/applicationdetails/1524 here]. ==Previous Applicants== # [[Famous Four Media]] (Diamond Registry Limited)- This is one of the 61 new gTLDs applied by the company. [http://www.thedomains.com/2012/06/13/famous-four-media-applies-for-61-generic-tlds-poker-bet-bingo-casino-win/comment-page-1/ Famous Four Media Applies For 61 Generic TLD’s...] # [[Donuts]] (Big Dynamite, LLC)- Is the company with the largest number of new gTLD applications; a total of 307 strings. Donuts created a separate LLC to submit its application for each domain name string including Big Dynamite, LLC for .family. Its investment for application fees alone was $56 million. [http://www.domainnamenews.com/new-gtlds/donuts-inc-eye-popping-list-of-307-new-top-level-domains/11730 Donuts Inc eye popping list of 307 new top-level domains] This applicant submitted a [[PIC|Public Interest Commitment]], which can be downloaded [https://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applicationstatus/applicationdetails/769 here]. # [[Uniregistry]], Corp.- a new company established by [[Frank Schilling]], a domain name investor who personally invested $60 million in the company to apply for 54 new gTLDs. [http://www.domainnamenews.com/new-gtlds/uniregistry-corp-applies-for-54-new-top-level-domains-store-news-deal-auto/11584 Uniregistry Corp. applies for 54 new top-level domains...] ==Private Auction== In a private auction conducted by [[Applicant Auction]] in May 2014, TLDH won the rights to .fashion over the other three applicants for an undisclosed amount.[http://domainincite.com/16767-ten-more-new-gtld-contests-settled-in-auction Ten more New gTLD Contests Settled in Auction, DomainIncite] Retrieved 3 June 2014 ==TLDH & $15mm Auction Funding== On February 26 2013, [[Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd.]] announced that it had entered into a funding agreement worth $15 million to be used in the case of auction for a specific unnamed TLD. The investor will not receive ownership of the TLD but a share of future revenues. TLDH did not name the TLD that the funds are directed for, and it is in 11 head to head contentions and 12 featuring more than one contender.[http://domainnamewire.com/2013/02/26/tldh-gets-up-to-15-million-for-a-single-top-level-domain-name-auction/ TLDh Gets 15 Million for A Single Top Level Domain Name Auction, DomainNameWire.com] Published and Retrieved 26 Feb 2013 ==References== {{reflist}} [[Category:TLD]] [[Category:Industry New gTLDs|fashion]]

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