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.eus Domain Name

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.eus is the top-level domain for the Basque language. The abbreviation eus comes from the Basque endonym euskara, meaning "Basque language". Previously to its creation, .eu (European Union) domain was also used for this purpose, although unofficially. In 2008, dotCYMRU, dotEUS, dotSCOT, and dotBZH formed ECLID. On 10 June 2013, ICANN approved the creation of the domain. However, use of the domain name was restricted until March–April 2014.
{{TLD| |logo = Eus.JPG‎ |status = Delegated |manager = [[PuntuEus Association]] |country = |language = Basque Language |translation = |stringcontention = No |registryprovider = |registrations = |date = |type = [[gTLD|Generic TLD]] |category = [[:Category:Culture New gTLDs|Culture]] |community = Basque Language & Culture Community |priority = |keypeople = }} '''.eus''' is a new [[gTLD|generic top level domain name]] (gTLD) proposal to the [[New gTLD Program]] of the [[ICANN]] by [[PuntuEus Association]]. The organization is dedicated to representing, preserving and promoting the endangered Basque language & culture by establishing its own online space and to serve as the registry operator of the TLD. [http://www.icann-studienkreis.net/iratxe.pdf The Basque Language and Culture on the Internet] [http://www.puntueus.org/en/news/presentation-of-the-puntueus-association/ Presentation of the PuntuEus Association] The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] on 11 April 2014.[http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/delegated-strings Delegated Strings, ICANN.org] Retrieved 15 April 2014 It seems to be following the success of [[.cat]] as an [[sTLD]] for the Catalan community. "Eus is the contraction of “Euskara”, which means “basque language” in Basque." The organization has the written support of a wide-range of Basque centric entities. Puntueus Fundazioa plans to restrict registration to legitimate and well-inteioned actors within the Basque cultural-linguistic community; It will first seek out prominent entities in the community prior to general launch, and post general launch it will "[require registrants] to state their intended use of the registered domain name. A false statement of intended use is an indication of bad faith and can be the basis for the suspension of the domain name."Application 1-1293-15788 ===European Commission Communiqué=== The [[European Commission]] flagged the application for .eus outside of ICANN's defined remediation processes. Just after [[ICANN]]'s [[GAC]] issued its Early Warnings, which are advice given from one GAC member country to an applicant warning it of potential issues within its application, the [[European Commission]] issued a letter to all applicants within the [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD program]]. The letter highlights 58 applications that "could raise issues of compatibility with the existing legislation .. and/or with policy positions and objectives of the European Union." It notes a desire to open a dialogue with each offending applicant. The Commission specifically notes that this objection is not a part of the GAC Early Warning process, and goes on to note that "the Commission does not consider itself legally bound to [ICANN] processes," given that there is not legal agreement between the two bodies.[http://domainincite.com/docs/20121127093808906.pdf DomainIncite.com/Docs] Published 27 Nov 2012, Retrieved 11 Dec 2012[http://domainincite.com/11130-europe-rejects-icanns-authority-as-it-warns-of-problems-with-58-new-gtlds Europe Rejects ICANNs Authority As it Warns of Problems with 58 New gTLDs, DomainIncite.com] Published 27 Nov 2012, Retrieved 11 Dec 2012 ==Registration Details== The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18 of its TLD application: "Registrations under the .eus TLD are restricted to bona-fide members of the Basque linguistic and cultural community, and subject to the further requirement that the registrant’s actions in the .eus community, as well as the registrant’s use of the registered domain name, must be:
(i) generally accepted as legitimate; and
(ii) beneficial to the cause and the values of the Basque linguistic and cultural community; and
(iii) commensurate with the role and importance of the registered domain name; and
(iv) in good faith at the time of registration and thereafter.
The registration policies are differentiated between Pre-launch phase, Launch phase and General Availability.
1. Pre-launch phase During Pre-launch, projects and content provision commitments are actively sought and negotiated, especially for key public-interest portions of the name space. All potential registrants and mandate holders are subject to screening and thorough pre-validation. For more details on the pioneer and the name space program, please see response to Q18 c) below
2. Launch phase
During the Launch phase, all registrations are thoroughly pre-validated; Launch phase pre-validation depends on priority status but will always involve community nexus. For further details about the community nexus, please see response to Q20 e) below. The Launch phase includes 3 categories for registrants with prior rights, and a fourth one, which is in fact, a Landrush, running in parallel in time, but being the lowest in priority. The categories are the following according to hierarchy:
- Entities which have a specific vocation in promoting Basque language and⁄or culture, including Basque Public Authorities.
- Trademark and other distinctive signs rights holders. This includes trademarks validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse and designations of origin.
- Entities with previous online communications in Basque. Applicants will be requested to provide the URL where their significant content in Basque may be found and checked. (This category is restricted to legal entities, and does not allow “fantasy names”)
- No prior rights. Eligible registrants not able to claim any of the priorities listed above will be able to apply during the whole duration of the Launch phase, as a preparation for an orderly and transparent Landrush.
3. Post-launch: General Availability
At General Availability, community nexus is subject to post-validation by way of an extensive compliance program based on the same criteria that form the basis of the TLD: language and culture. The ongoing compliance program will regularly be adapted to current needs based on experience and audit findings. Community nexus validation combined with strong protection of trademarks helps stamp out cybersquatting and abusive registrations."[http://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applicationstatus/applicationdetails/1055 Application Download, gTLDresult.ICANN.org] Retrieved 20 Feb 2013 ==Contract Signed== On 12 December 2013 [[PuntuEus Association]] received a [[Registry Agreement]] signed by [[ICANN]] for .eus after passing all the required processes needed to become a [[Registry Operator]] for the string.[http://domainincite.com/15299-ten-more-new-gtlds-get-icann-contracts Ten More New gTLDs Get ICANN Contracts, DomainIncite] Retrieved 13 Dec 2013 ==Delegation and Availability== .eus was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] of the [[DNS]] on 11 April, 2014, completing the successful application for the string. ==References== {{reflist}} [[Category:TLD]] [[Category:Culture New gTLDs|eus]] [[Category:TLDs with Registry Agreements|eus]]

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Registrar Details

EUS Domain Name
PuntuEus Fundazioa
Arriola 2
Donostia, Gizpuzkoa 20018
34 665770945
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