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.dubai Domain Name

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{{TLD| |logo = |status = Delegated |manager = |country = Dubai, UAE |language = |translation = |registryprovider = [[Telecommunications Regulatory Authority UAE]] |registrations = |date = |type = [[GeoTLD]] |priority = |category= |community = |keypeople = }} '''.dubai''' is a [[GeoTLD|geographical TLD]] delegated to the [[Root Zone]] in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]] on 7 January 2015. The Registry is the [[Dubai eGovernment Department]].[http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/application-results/strings-1200utc-13jun12-en Reveal Day 13 June 2012 – New gTLD Applied-For Strings] ==Application Details== The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18: "The mission⁄purpose of the .dubai TLD is to promote the Emirate of Dubai (Dubai) and its constituents including, but not limited to, its residents, culture, events, commerce, economy, institutions, government and landmarks through the creation of an online space and brand identity thereby reinforcing Dubai’s position as a leading global knowledge, economic and socio-cultural hub. The .dubai TLD will establish an online brand identity, which reflects the global economic and commercial success underpinning Dubai and its people. It will serve to complement existing methods of communication for government-affiliated entities and organisations registered in Dubai, seeking to promote Dubai by establishing official and authoritative channels for online communication. This function of the TLD is consistent with Dubai’s status as a global leader in innovation and growth, ensuring Dubai’s online presence is capable of fulfilling the future needs of its growing population and an ever-changing, ever-expanding internet landscape. The applicant, Dubai eGovernment Department (DEG) of the Emirate of Dubai, employs multiple information and communication technology channels to provide services to those who live and trade in Dubai, in line with its vision of improving the lives of people and businesses. DEG works in conjunction with all government departments and entities that come under the government umbrella in Dubai. The strategic importance of embodying the DEG vision stems from its ultimate goal to reinforce Dubai’s position as a leading knowledge and economic hub. As such, the operation of the .dubai TLD as the authoritative online space for promoting Dubai is within the ambit of DEG’s existing functions. .. Eligibility to register .dubai domain names will be restricted to entities affiliated with the government of the Emirate of Dubai and organisations registered in Dubai or any of the Dubai Free Zones. During the domain name registration process, government affiliated entities will be required to provide the contact information of the entity’s legal representative whereas registered organisations will be required to provide their registration number, as found in the database of registered organisations maintained by the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. It is important to note that the collection of this information will not result in any delay in the registration process. In consultation with DEG, the TRA will perform periodic audits on an ongoing basis to verify the eligibility of registrants based on the provided information. In doing so, the TRA will utilise established mechanisms and processes currently in place to verify the eligibility of registrants in the gov.ae and co.ae restricted zones. The collection of identifying information prior to the allocation of domain names, and the verification of eligibility criteria following registration, ensures that the restrictions described above are adhered to, ultimately serving to maintain the integrity of the .dubai TLD. The safeguards that will be implemented against allowing for registrations in violation of this eligibility restriction are discussed in the response to question 28 – Abuse Prevention and Mitigation. Government-affiliated entities may register .dubai domain names related to their executive functions, whilst registered organisations may register a domain name that matches or is close and substantially related to their name or service rendered. In addition, DEG will maintain a list of words which may not be registered in the .dubai TLD. This list contains words that, among other things, may: * violate public morality or are contrary to public order * are against a religion or a religious character * deceive the public * be prejudicial to the interest or security of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates Restrictions will also be imposed on how domain names may be used. DEG will conduct periodic audits to ensure that the content published through .dubai domain names: * does not violate public morality * is not against a religion or a religious character * promotes government entities, organisations or services in Dubai Restricting eligibility to register domain names to government-affiliated entities and organisations registered in Dubai ensures that the published content is authoritative and legitimate. Restricting government-affiliated entities and registered organisations to .dubai domain names which are related to their executive functions or match their name or service rendered ensures that content is being provided by the entity most capable of providing authoritative content. This helps promote the attainment of the .dubai TLD’s intended reputation. The maintenance of a list of second level domain names which DEG will not allow to be registered ensures that the .dubai TLD is operated in a manner consistent with the religious, cultural and moral values of the people of Dubai, and United Arab of Emirates in general. The operation of a globally-recognised but regionally-specific online space representative of the people of Dubai’s values allows for the accurate promotion of the place and people."[http://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applicationstatus/applicationdetails/294 Application Download, gTLDresult.ICANN.org] Retrieved 28 Feb 2013 ==References== {{reflist}} [[Category:TLD]] [[Category:GeoTLD|dubai]]

Domain naming tips

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Using a local top level domain

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Avoid numbers

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Avoid symbols

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Registrar Details

DUBAI Domain Name
Mr. Matar AlHumairi
Dubai Smart Government
HH Ruler's Court, AlFahidi Street, Bastakiya Heritage AreaP.O.Box 90300
Dubai, Dubai 90300
Registry Website