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Jan, 19

How to install LEMP on Debian 9   LEMP is an acronym which stands for the software stack: Linux kernel, Nginx web server, MySQL database (or MariaDB) and PHP server-side programming language. These pieces of software are widely used on servers to deploy dynamic websites or interactive web applications. Nginx is a modern and resources efficient web server, actively under development, and the second most used on the internet after Apache HTTP server due to the fact that it...


Dec, 18

How to install LEMP on Ubuntu 18.04   What is LEMP? LEMP is an acronym for Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP. LEMP stack, just like LAMP stack (with Apache instead of Nginx), is used for development and deployment of web applications. Nginx in LEMP provides modular event-driven architecture handling requests using asynchronous events. This feature enables it to have high performance under high loads. The MySQL is used to store the website’s data whereas PHP is for processing the dynamic content of the sites. Prerequisites A Linux VPS Username and password for your VPS...