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How to increase site speed? Nowadays we won’t visit a site which takes ages to load. I mean when there are so many options out there, why wait for something which is slow. Low site speed is one of the main reasons which reduces the traffic to your site. A few seconds will make a huge difference. If your site won’t load within 2 seconds, then say goodbye to more than half of your visitors. I will guide you through the do’s and don’ts in order to increase your speed. Fast response to requests. When you get requests to your website and there is a delay, then there's...


Jun, 19

 With the current hectic lives people lead, there is nearly no extra time in many individuals’ schedules to wait for a slow website to load. We are impatient by nature, and simply waiting in situations where it could be avoided is a major cause of frustration. Having new users frustrated with a slow site is not a good impression and could lead to as much as 40% of them simply leaving and choosing to use your competitors’ sites instead. As a rule of thumb, you should be aiming for 3-5 second load times on your pages.    Google has been using site speed as a ranking...

One way to increase SEO and website optimization is to increase the site loading speed; the faster the loading of a single page, the more popular it will be in search engines. One of the factors affecting the speed of loading the site is the images available on the site so that if the size of the images used is high, the speed of loading the site comes down This happens especially when some users come to your site with a slow internet connection. For this issue, we suggest compressing JPEG & PNG images. WordPress Compression Image Compression Compress JPEG & PNG images WordPress...

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