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Apr, 19

What is SSL?

  • by Susith Nonis
  • in SSL
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What is SSL? SSL known as Secure Socket Layer is a cryptographic technology which secures any sensitive data sent over a network. SSL prevents unauthorized persons from reading and modifying the transmitted data. It makes sure that any data transferred between two parties for example between a site and the user will remain impossible to read before reaching the destination. With the use of encryption algorithms on the data being transmitted, it prevents the hackers from intercepting the connection. TLS or Transport Layer Security is an updated, more secure version of SSL but it’s still...


Apr, 19

How to choose a secure password?

With the current trend of technological advancements, we now store nearly all our data on the internet, making security an important factor when having any sort of online presence. Every person who has access to the internet will definitely have an email address and most of them will have a few social media accounts, as they are closely integrated into our daily life whether we like it or not. These platforms are the most crucial when concerning security as a lot of personal data is stored on them. Why? If someone gains access to your email account, besides having acces to all your sent and...