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Aug, 20

Apple is Now Worth $2 Trillion

  • by Antoniy Yushkevych
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It seems like just not that long ago, 2 years to be exact, Apple reached a then seemingly impossible milestone, hitting the $1 trillion market cap. Thus, it became the most valuable tech company in the world. Since then, Apple has become worth twice as much, all in the span of two years. Although Apple was not the first company in the world to reach the $2 trillion benchmark, it is the first tech company to do so, along with being the first US company to value at $2 trillion. Despite the fact that this milestone is mostly just symbolic, it makes the progress Apple has made from being nearly...


Aug, 19

In the modern age of technology, new security threats arrive daily, but most don’t see the day of light in the public discussion. Every now and then, however, an exceptionally devastating threat makes the news, usually when it is already too late. Such was the WannaCry ransomware outbreak in 2017 which affected hospitals, universities and telecommunication providers in more than 150 countries, causing over $300 million in estimated damages. Now, a new threat has popped up, named BlueKeep or CVE-2019-0708. It is a software vulnerability affecting older versions of Microsoft Windows...


Aug, 19

Despite the controversies around the name, Google attempts to bring as much comfort and usability to its users as possible. One thing that the internet giant is against are paywalls for content. Many users prefer to browse the net using Incognito mode in Chrome for reasons of privacy. Unfortunately, there was a loophole present in older versions of the browser which allowed websites to detect whether the users were visiting in Incognito mode and many decided to include pages like this: Of course, the “create a free account” is not as free as you think. There is a limit to how...


Aug, 19

How to Register your Site with Bing

In our recent post about how to submit a website to Yahoo, we went over the importance of and the guidelines for submitting an XML sitemap to search engines. Now let us show you the exact steps that need to be taken for this process to go smoothly. First head over to Bing Webmaster Tools and log in. Under “My Sites”, enter your website’s URL in the “Add a site” field. Once “ADD” is clicked, it’ll redirect you to a form where you have to fill out the information about your site and yourself as the owner. Copy and paste your sitemap’s...


Jul, 19

How to Register Your Site With Yandex

Google is an undisputed champion when it comes to search engines, holding a vast 90% of the market share. Despite its popularity, it is not the only search engine available and millions prefer to use other search engines as their go-to internet surfing tools. One such engine is Yandex. It is the leading web search engine in Easter Europe, generating more than 50% of all search traffic in the region. With more than one and a half billion websites on the internet, search engine optimization is more crucial than ever to your site’s success. You might have a very well-optimized site, yet...


Jul, 19

How to Register Your Site With Yahoo

Search engines rely on an automatic system in order to find and index the sites they show in their search result pages. They do so with the help of computer programs called web crawlers/spiders. Such a system has been proven effective over the time it has been implemented, however, it is not perfect. Without links directing the bots to your site, they may have difficulty finding it. That is why we suggest manual submission of your sites to all the major search engines. Once submitted, it may take two to four weeks for the site to be indexed. In certain cases, manual submission of the site is...

Recently Facebook was granted a patent in the US for a system which detects items like alcoholic drinks and snacks from users’ photos. Facebook plans to turn its users into advertisement stars through this automatic scanning system. Facebook would take those pictures and send them to the respective brands and those brands will use these pictures to post for other Facebook users (if the said brands choose to do this). The way this system works can be explained better with an example: Let us say that you posted the above picture on Facebook. It has Coca-cola, Jack Daniels and Grey...


Jul, 19

What is Libra?

  • by susith nonis
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Libra, or what’s commonly known these days as ‘Facebook money’ or ‘Zuckerberg money’ is a new cryptocurrency which will be launched in the first half of 2020. There’s a lot of controversy regarding the new cryptocurrency due to Facebook's infamous reputation. Nevertheless, we will focus on what exactly is Libra and the motive behind the new digital currency. Facebook will launch a subsidiary company called Calibra that will handle all the crypto dealings and protects users’ privacy, which will help the users to feel at ease as Facebook will not play...

Just eleven years ago, Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) released the Display Port 1.0 standard with an 8.64Gbit/s data rate. Since then, multiple improvements have been made, but not as large as the ones announced last week. VESA unveiled the new DisplayPort 2.0 specification with the max payload of 77.37Gbps. It is expected to start shipping with monitors in late 2020. The new near 80Gbps max bandwidth is 10 times of that of the original DisplayPort 1.0 and 3x more than its latest update (i.e. DisplayPort 1.4) to the standard. These improvements will allow the port to be the...


Jun, 19

We are Switching to a Better Backup Solution

  • by Antoniy Yushkevych
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We at MonoVM believe in providing only the highest quality services. Thus, we are determined to constantly improve our products and implement new features for our users. Today, we are excited to announce a major upgrade to our web hosting backup solution. We are implementing JetBackup Server as a backup solution for our Web Hosting services. It is currently available with all of our Linux web hosting plans. With this upgrade comes an improved user interface for performing backups and faster server performance. Along with the traditional full backups come separate backups for your databases,...