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Richard M

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Richard M

My name is Richard M. , 26 years old , graduated from Translation Studies major with BA degree. I'm so motivated about learning and writing in the English language. One of my significant goals in the whole of life is representing and introducing vast varieties of technological products and services in the Information Technology World. Consequently, I chose Apple Products as my North Star! About 2 years I did some research about Apple Eco-systems (iOS, MacOS, WatchOS and tvOS) and this condition becomes a game-changer for my future attitudes. What's more this enticed me to be an analytic , innovative , self-motivating and confident person towards MonoVM and employed as Sales Expert in Sales Department. Now I'm trying to be a professional content writer in different fields of IT. Communication competence gives me a positive feeling towards Clients so I like to be a communicator and analytic person about this matter.

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