In this article we will explain how to restore linux (  RHEL, CentOS , Fedora  ) Password .

First please take backup from your data .

Step 1 . reboot your system and when the system want to booting heat arrow or space bar .

Linux Password recovery

Step 2 . After heating arrow you will see some thing like this

Step 3 . in this step heat  a  on your keyboard and then you will see image below

step 4 . in this step heat space and then type 1 and inter


Step 5 . after that your system will boot as single user mode

step 6. in this step type runlevel to check if we do right or not .if the result is 1 s it means we have done well.

step 7 . in this step you can change your password by typing  passwd

 How To Recover Linux Forgotten Password