There are a few tools built-in to most Linux distros for gauging and fine-tuning your server’s RAM (memory) usage.


The first is a command called free. To use it, simply run:


# free -m


The important figure to look at is the “used” number in the “buffers/cache” row. This will tell you how much memory your processes are currently using. Memory allocation errors will occur if this number is higher than the total amount of memory and swap space. To see how much RAM is free, check the “free” column in the “buffers/cache” row.


Another useful tool is ps, which will show you all of your running processes with RAM usage as a percent of total RAM:


# ps aux


One of the benefits of a VPS is that, in the case of a memory shortage, you can upgrade RAM , Open a support ticket, or find us on live chat, if you need an upgrade!
How to Check VPS RAM Usage