In this post we will explaine what is Perl, how we can install Perl in centos (linux), what is the perl latest release and versions.


1. What is perl?

Perl is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation and now used for a wide range of tasks including system administration, web development, network programming, GUI development, and more.


2. Install Perl in Linux

first You need to login to your dedicated server or  VPS

Just use below mention commands via SSH and you are done with installing Perl on your server.


     tar -xzf perl-5.22.1.tar.gz
     cd perl-5.22.1
     ./Configure -des -Dprefix=$HOME/localperl
     make test
     make install


3.  Perl Latest releases

Major Version Type Released Download
5.22 5.22.1 Maint 2015-12-13 perl-5.22.1.tar.gz
5.20 5.20.3 Maint 2015-09-12 perl-5.20.3.tar.gz
5.18 5.18.4 End of life 2014-10-02 perl-5.18.4.tar.gz
5.16 5.16.3 End of life 2013-03-11 perl-5.16.3.tar.gz
5.14 5.14.4 End of life 2013-03-10 perl-5.14.4.tar.gz
5.12 5.12.5 End of life 2012-11-10 perl-5.12.5.tar.gz
5.10 5.10.1 End of life 2009-08-23 perl-5.10.1.tar.gz
5.8 5.8.9 End of life 2008-12-14 perl-5.8.9.tar.gz
5.6 5.6.2 End of life 2003-11-15 perl-5.6.2.tar.gz
5.5 5.5.4 End of life 2004-02-23 perl5.005_04.tar.gz
5.4 5.4.5 End of life 1999-04-29 perl5.004_05.tar.gz
5.3 5.3.7 End of life 1996-10-10 perl5.003_07.tar.gz


Also you can find more details here


Install Perl in Linux