How to choose and configure your FTP server in WHM?

  1. An FTP server provides your clients with the means to upload files to their accounts. FTP is generally a more reliable and faster way to transfer files than cPanel’s File Manager, especially when dealing with large files.
  2. WHM allows you to choose from two FTP servers, both of which have options you can configure.
  3. Go to service configuration section.
  4. Click FTP Server Selection. Here you will get advantages and disadvantages of using ProFTPD versus Pure-FTPD (the default). In most cases you want to stick with PureFTP.
  5. You can also disable your server’s FTP capabilities completely.
  6. Click save when you are done. Then move to FTP Server Configuration page.
  7. Each FTP server has its own configuration options, but they should be fairly similar.
  8. You can disable anonymous logins and uploads from the box. You can disable both.
  9. Scroll down, to adjust the Maximum Idle Time. Click save when you are done.