One of the most important matters which people worry about when using a virtual server is the security.
Here we will try to present some useful tips to increase the security in windows virtual servers.

Choosing an operator system

It is very important to choose an operator system which the producer company (here we have Microsoft) provides the security updates for it.
Therefore, using windows server 2003 will not be a reasonable choice since the Microsoft Company doesn’t provide any security updates for this version anymore.
The operator systems which still are supported and containing updates are listed below:
Windows server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2

Updating windows VPS

After logging in your VPS, update your server and let windows get all available updates which will improve your server security and will make it functioning well.


Never use a simple password. Your server is prepared with a worldwide IP so that millions of people can access your server and guess your password. So it is important to select a password containing different characters.
Here you can see several examples for a good password:

For making a complex password you can also use password generator websites which provide you password making services.


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