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MonoVM's affordable MariaDB + phpMyAdmin VPS servers are deployed on VMware ESXi virtualizers and the latest generation of Intel CPUs.

MariaDB + phpMyAdmin Virtual Private Server

MariaDB was invented by the original developers of MySQL and guaranteed to stay open source. MariaDB turns data into structured information in a wide array of applications, ranging from banking to websites. It is an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL. Although you can do everything through the command line interface, some people prefer using a GUI or Graphical User Interface to work on databases.That brings us to phpMyAdmin. The phpMyAdmin is a free and open-source GUI tool to manage MariaDB databases.

MariaDB + phpMyAdmin VPS Server Plans

The following configurations are hand-picked by our experts to deliver the best performance at the lowest possible costs. Choose one and have it set-up with instant activation.

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Windows Server 1024 MB

$ 16.99/MO

CPU : 1 Core

RAM : 1024 MB

HDD : 20GB

BW : Unlimited Bandwidth

Port : 1 Gbps

Windows Server 2048 MB

$ 29.99/MO

CPU : 2 Core

RAM : 2048 MB

HDD : 60 GB

BW : Unlimited Bandwidth

Port : 1 Gbps

Windows Server 4096 MB

$ 44.99/MO

CPU : 2 Core

RAM : 4096 MB

HDD : 100 GB

BW : Unlimited Bandwidth

Port : 1 Gbps

Windows Server 8192 MB

$ 69.99/MO

CPU : 4 Core

RAM : 8192 MB

HDD : 200 GB

BW : Unlimited Bandwidth

Port : 1 Gbps

Why our MariaDB + phpMyAdmin VPS Hosting?

Extreme power, high performance and state of the art security all at your fingertips with our tailor-made VPS Hosting solutions.

Web-based Control Panel

Our VPS servers are managed by Plesk control panel, which is a simple and efficient web based solution, allowing access from nearly any device all around the globe.

Momentary Support

Our team consists of IT professionals in software and hardware related problems allowing us to keep the quality of our support top-notch and running 24/7.

VMware vSphere 6.0

A high power virtualization technology which uses server hardware and is shareable among multiple virtual machines.

Reliable Server Hardware

We use powerful Supermicro and Intel hardware, as well as RAID technology to bring quality, stability and storage optimization to our VPS servers.

Full SSH access

All Linux VPS plans include full root access provided with the SSH security protocol. We provide all versions of Linux distributions but we recommend using the latest stable version.

Feature services

All our VPS server packages come packed with a multitude of features, all designed exclusively for improved uptime, customer satisfaction and easily managed servers.


We provide full root or administrative access where you will have total control over your environment allowing you to install applications or host websites on your VPS.


Using first-class powerful hardware and RAID10 technology on our VPS servers, we assure fast and stable performance.


We provide VPS from over 20 locations: USA VPS, UK VPS, Netherlands VPS, France VPS, Canada VPS, Germany VPS...


MonoVM VPS services are based on a stable and powerful VMware ESXi hypervisor. We provide dedicated resources and stable performance to your virtual machine.


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With MonoVM VPS servers you get full root and administration access which puts you in complete control to run your apps the way you want.


Our SSD VPS servers use enterprise grade data center ready solid state drives. These are more powerful than the consumer SSDs used in laptops and home PC's.


Our services are based on quality and performance. We provide you with a powerful infrastructure needed for a smooth working experience.


MonoVM gives you the ability to choose your specific control panel varying from cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx and many more.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Knowledgebase. We provide you with latest tech updates, relevant news and in-depth tutorials as well as explanations on how things work.