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Apr, 19

Emergency restart is a hidden power option on Windows 10 that you can use when an immediate reboot is required. There may be some situations where you may need to restart your Windows system urgently or there could be a situation where your Windows just will not shut down normally. So you can use emergency restart instead of physical restart. During an “emergency restart” the operating system will terminate any running application, and there will be no warning message to save your work, which means that any unsaved data will be lost. If you need to bring your system offline and...


Mar, 19

Use the System Configuration tool (msconfig.exe) to enable Safe Mode If you can log into Windows 10, the easiest method to boot into Safe Mode is to use the System Configuration tool. You know this tool by its file name: msconfig.exe. Please search the words "system configuration" in start menu Or " msconfig" in Run. In the System Configuration window, click the Boot In the Boot options, select the "Safe boot" Finally, click OK. Windows 10 displays "you may need to restart your computer to apply these change." If you still have unfinished tasks, select "Exit without...