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Jun, 20

SSL And TLS, The Whole Nine Yards

Internet is filled with all types of information, thus security has become one of the key components to consider. Due to this, majority of the websites on the internet are recommended to provide security for their visitors. This is where SSL certification comes into play! It is recommended that all websites living on the internet have an SSL certification. Nowadays, the majority of web browsers show on the URL bar a ‘not secure’ sign for the sites without an SSL. Bottom line is, if you want your website to be legit and trustworthy, you need an SSL. Specifically, if your website...


Mar, 20

Sadly this certification cannot be used on your CV when you’re applying for a jobL. So what is this certificate and why does it exist? An SSL certification (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS certification (Transport Layer Security) are protocols used to establish authentic and encrypted connections between networked computers. The best place to see SSL in action is through the internet – the biggest open network in the world. However, it’s not always cat videos and puppies, it’s far from it. Since the internet is open for everyone, there are people/entities waiting to...


Aug, 19

Despite the controversies around the name, Google attempts to bring as much comfort and usability to its users as possible. One thing that the internet giant is against are paywalls for content. Many users prefer to browse the net using Incognito mode in Chrome for reasons of privacy. Unfortunately, there was a loophole present in older versions of the browser which allowed websites to detect whether the users were visiting in Incognito mode and many decided to include pages like this: Of course, the “create a free account” is not as free as you think. There is a limit to how...


Jul, 19

The Most Common Cyber Myths

  • by Susith Nonis
  • in Privacy
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Common Security Myths When we’re surfing online, there are many ways to fall under a security breach. Here I will explain the most common security threats that are online, but we take it for granted. So let’s get started with the list. Myth 1 “This cant happen to me, I’m a normal person and there’s nothing worth stealing from me. Only important and rich people get targeted.” Sounds Familiar? This is the number one myth most of the people believe to be true, but it isn’t. Cyber-attacks don’t happen depending on how important you are but by...


Jul, 19

Today almost all the world has access to the internet and it's being integrated into our day-to-day life whether we like it or not. There’s a lot of things we can do through the internet and it has made life so much easier. We don’t have to leave the house in order to have food, we don’t have to wait for banks, we don’t have to go outside and wait for a taxi; all this was made possible due to the advancements of technology and internet. Although there’s a lot of positivity, there’s also plenty of negativity lurking within. This article is a continuation of...


Jul, 19

Cybersecurity is a very broad topic which is growing day by day and it seems very complicated. So how can we apply it to our daily life? Should I have special knowledge? Will I be able to secure myself without professional help? Well, you’re in luck! I will provide a guide to help you to improve your digital security with as little hassle as possible! The first thing to note is that anyone, anywhere, anytime can be a victim of hacking (including you), but there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk. Use strong passwords for your emails and social media. Seems pretty straight...

Recently Facebook was granted a patent in the US for a system which detects items like alcoholic drinks and snacks from users’ photos. Facebook plans to turn its users into advertisement stars through this automatic scanning system. Facebook would take those pictures and send them to the respective brands and those brands will use these pictures to post for other Facebook users (if the said brands choose to do this). The way this system works can be explained better with an example: Let us say that you posted the above picture on Facebook. It has Coca-cola, Jack Daniels and Grey...

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