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Feb, 19

For registering .DE domains the following items should be pursued :    Contact details : The Registrant or the Administrative Contact of a .DE domain name needs to be from Germany. This implies that the country of either of these Contacts needs to be Germany.   Manage Name Servers : For connecting .DE domains into another Host Server (From other Web Host Provider) , you should send the login details of the Host Panel through the ticket until our support team applies required options....


Jan, 19

Monovm acts not only a hosting provider, but also as a domain registrar. In order to provide an easily-deliverable service, as well as a positive user experience, we offer the Monovm DomainCP (i.e. Domain Control Panel).  PLEASE NOTE: In order to host a website on your domain name, you will need to obtain the Name Servers from the web hosting company with whom you wish to host your website and point your domain name to these Name Servers. Logging into Monovm DomainCP FIrst visit the login page by clicking one of the links below: Customer Login:...

Do you want to transfer domain out to another registrar? This article explains how to prepare your domain for transfer from Monovm to a new registrar. You should complete some steps with Monovm and some steps with the new registrar. This process can take up to 10 days to complete. Domain Transfer steps on Monovm side In general, the following requirements must be met in order to have your domain successfully transferred to the new registrar: The domain name to be transferred should be in “ok” or “active” status The owner of the domain should have access to the...


Dec, 18

Transfer Domain to Monovm If you have an active domain and need to transfer it to a new company/registrar, it requires two steps. The domain transfer process is very simple, First, you should prepare the domain on your current registrar side and then purchase a transfer service from the new registrar (Monovm). Confirming if a Domain Name can be Transferred There are various cases where a domain name may not be transferable to another registrar. This could happen in the following circumstances: Domain name is less than 60 days old: If the domain name you are trying to Transfer was...


Dec, 18

How to Create Child Name Servers Before explaining child name servers, it’s better to get some background information on DNS (Domain Name Services). DNS is a system that connects a domain name to an IP address. DNS is used to remember domain names instead of IP addresses, so that you don't have to memorize a series of numbers to use whenever you wish to visit a website. When typing a website domain name in browser’s address bar, DNS servers translate it to the IP address where the website is hosted.   Name Servers The Name Servers keep some records which contain domain...