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Dec, 18

Dedicated Server hosting refers to a type of web hosting plan where you are allocated a whole server to yourself. It can give you more control over your website and also helps to ensure that other customers' websites don't have impact on yours. Using dedicated servers is much more expensive than shared hosting, but if your site receives lots of traffic or you have other requirements (such as extra security measurements), dedicated server hosting will be suitable for you.Some dedicated server hosting plans are fully managed, meaning that your web hosting company performs regular administration...


Dec, 18

Shared hosting is the most widely used and affordable solution in the hosting industry and is sufficient for most website owners. Nevertheless at times, higher performance or root/administrative access is needed to perform certain tasks. In such cases there are two primary hosting solutions: dedicated servers and VPS (i.e. Virtual Private Servers). Let's describe these services, some of their advantages and the most common use cases for both of the solutions.   What is a VPS? A single powerful server machine is divided into multiple virtual servers with individually dedicated...


Dec, 18

What is IPMI?

What is IPMI? IPMI (i.e. Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a set of standardized specifications for hardware-based platform management systems that provides management and monitoring capabilities independently of the host's CPU, firmware (BIOS or UEFI) and operating system. You can use it to connect to the server over IP, to be exact it is KVM over IP. Nowadays, nearly all of the modern servers have this technology built in to the motherboard, however it could also be added as an extra module to the older servers that do not come with it.  IPMI can be configured through...