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With the new year come new services and improvements. Learn what exactly is WordPress webhosting and the improvements that come with it.


Jan, 20

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The growing computer culture is allowing more people than ever to join and start having their own blogs and websites. It is undisputed that building and hosting a site in the traditional way certainly requires a good degree of technical knowledge and thus without specialized tools, nearly impossible for the average internet user. Nevertheless, these specialized tools do exist and some make the process of creating and hosting a site accessible to nearly anyone with basic computer knowledge. WordPress is a free content management system and a website builder that allows users to do just that. It makes it extremely easy to manage important aspects of your website without any programming knowledge.

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WordPress is definitely the internet’s favorite content management system as it powers more than 35% of all websites on the internet. With lots of features, thousands of useful plugins and an intuitive user interface, it is easy to see why WP is so popular. Although it originally started as a blogging platform, it has now transformed into a very powerful tool that can create all sorts of websites, be it a business website, an eCommerce site, an online store or even a social network.

So, what is WordPress hosting?

To keep it simple, WordPress hosting is simply hosting that has been optimized around WordPress’ performance and needs. Since the software requirements are quite low, nearly any host is technically capable of running WordPress, however, such solutions are not quite viable. WordPress hosting servers are specifically configured and optimized with WordPress in mind and thus provide the best performance and thus make your sites run even better.

Why choose MonoVM WordPress Hosting?

We at MonoVM believe in providing only the best hosting solutions possible and thus our new WordPress hosting servers will utilize full SSD (i.e. Solid State Drive) storage. This allows your hosted sites to load faster and may even lead to improving your SEO score. Along with these hardware upgrades also come software improvements. We have optimized the WordPress core and control panel for this specific style of hosting. Throughout testing, we also found out that MariaDB is the best fit when combined with WordPress.

Improved performance is a great feature of our WordPress hosting services, however, another important aspect is security. With endlessly growing online security risks and cyber-threats, shifting focus on securing your websites and databases is more important than ever before. That is why we included CSX and ImunifyAV as security precautions.  We are are very excited to deliver this brand new service and thus decided to give you a small gift alongside it. Get 50% off from any of our WordPress hosting packages by using the code WP2020!

Using the WordPress control panel is quite intuitive and thanks to its popularity, there are countless guides and tutorials on how to do just about anything with it. As a matter of fact, we have plenty of articles regarding WordPress and tips on how to use it. Check out our knowledgebase for these tutorials and much more.

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