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WordPress Social Login Plugins

In this guide we will explain features and the advantages of installing social login plugins on your website.

Posted: 03 Mar, 19 Updated: 14 Dec, 21 by Elizabet J 2 Min

Membership plugin with Social Port Social Login account

WordPress Social Login is an extension of WordPress, which by installing it on your site allows your users to enter your site with the ID and password of the social network in which they are members and not fill out the registration form.

As you know, the steps to subscribe to some sites are long and tedious and requires approval by the site admin or sometimes to confirm the membership you need an activation email, all of which are timed. Due to this purpose, you install The WordPress Social Login plugin which allows users to log in to your site instead of filling out the registration form on your site using Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other social media to login.

WordPress Social Login also allows you to get the list of your users' contacts that are members of Google Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live, and LinkedIn.

With the WordPress Social Login plugin, you can control all users registered on your site and register and set up rules for entering them into their user panel.

This plugin has the ability to personalize and you can edit it according to your taste.

WordPress Plugin Features and Features WordPress Social Login:

  • Allows users to login to the user panel without having to register on the site and using the social networking ID and password of the member.
  • Ability to edit the appearance of the widget.
  • Possibility to enter rules for users when entering the site
  • Possibility to create a list of users' contacts on various social networks
  • And many more.
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