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What Software is Best for Virtualization?

What Software is Best for Virtualization? In this blog post, we will briefly explain about virtualization, how it works and what is the best software to use for virtualization.

14 Dec, 21 by Oliver K 3 min Read

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If you wish to use multiple operating systems on the same machine, virtualization is the go-to solution. With its help, you can divide the server hardware into multiple virtual machines running different OS (they could also have the same OS running on them if that is what you need). Virtualization has many benefits to it including stopping server sprawl (i.e. a situation in which multiple under-utilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than justified by their workload), saving costs, increasing uptime and allowing you to perform more functions with less hardware. 


Virtualization refers to creating a virtual or isolated form of IT environment. Without this technology, only one operating system or application can be run on a server machine, causing very inefficient resource utilization. When a server is virtualized, it allows for multiple applications or operating systems to be run on it, each in its own separate environment, bringing about cost efficiency and efficient use of server resources. The software that performs virtualization is commonly known as a hypervisor.


This neat table from softwaretestinghelp.com summarizes the main features of the top 10 virtualization software available now.

  Host OS Guest OS Feature Price
SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Windows -- VM Sprawl Control, Predictive recommendations, manage across on-premise, hybrid, & cloud, etc. It starts at $2995.
V2 Cloud Windows Windows Browser accessibility, Web client available on Windows & Mac, Fast performance, Technical support included. Starts from $60/month
VM Ware Fusion For Mac Users Windows
No reboot required.
Can work with Cloud.
Starts from $79.99.
Parallels Desktop   Mac
No reboot required. Starts from $49.99/year.
Oracle Virtualization Mac
Many OS. Runs on any application.
Window Resizing.
VM Ware Workstation For Windows and Linux users More than 200 OS. Can work with Cloud. Contact them for pricing details.
QEMU Any Any Can be used on any platform. Free
Virtual PC Windows7 Windows XP
Windows Vista
Print option available from guest OS also. Free
Microsoft Hyper-V Windows 64-bit
Education 8 and above. Not for Home versions.
Can work with Azure. Free
Redhat Virtualization Linux Linux
Fast performance.
Veertu-for MAC Mac Mac OS & IOS VM runs as an application of Mac. $39.99
Apple-Boot Camp Mac Windows No need to download or install. Free

Each of the aforementioned applications has its own virtualization methods and benefits. Monovm uses VMware for its virtualization-dependent services and strongly recommends it, as it has the most features and a very user-friendly user interface.


While we cannot just outright tell you which is the number one software to use for virtualization, we provided some of the best options. Based on your choice of the host and guest OS, features, and price, you have to pick one that suits your needs the most. We hope that this blog has assisted you in doing so. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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