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In this blog post, we will briefly explain about virtualization, how it works and what is the best software to use for virtualization.


Dec, 18

What Software is Best for Virtualization?

What Software is Best for Virtualization?

If you wish to use multiple operating systems on the same machine, virtualization is the go-to solution. With its help, you can divide the server hardware into multiple virtual machines running different OS (they could also have the same OS running on them if that is what you need). Virtualization has many benefits to it including: stopping server sprawl (i.e. a situation in which multiple under-utilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than justififed by their workload), saving costs, increasing uptime and allowing you to perform more functions with less hardware. 

Here is a list of most commonly used hypervisors:

  • VMware Fusion & VMware workstation
  • Oracle VM Virtualbox
  • Parallels Desktop
  • QEMU

Each of the aforementioned applications has its own virtualization methods and benefits. Monovm uses VMware for its virtualization-dependent services and strongly recommends it, as it has the most features and a very user-friendly user interface.

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