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Dec, 18

What is remote desktop?

Remote desktop connection is an application that you can use it to connect another computer or virtual machine.

To use remote desktop you should have computer that turned on, It must have an internet o network connection and also both of computers should enable remote desktop.

Remote desktop connections contain some protocols like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), virtual network computing (VNC), NX, technology and Independent Computing Architecture (ICA).

No installation required and it is installed automatically with windows and listed in start menu.

With this service we can do many works like:

  • Accessing to home PC or virtual machines
  • Fix a computer that have problem
  • Doing administrative tasks

Also, in Microsoft windows you can reach it by “Run” window and type “Mstsc”. Remote desktop application use remote desktop protocol (RDP) to connect. Remote desktop port is different in some OS but it is work with port number 3389 in Microsoft windows and you can edit it from registry section.

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