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Monovm Community: brand new launch

Monovm Community is a place for both our clients and experts to share their knowledge and help each other.

20 Apr, 22 by Susith Nonis 3 min Read

List of content you will read in this article:

We are delighted to share our newest addition to the Monovm space, the Monovm Community. In this article, we will go through a detailed explanation of what is Monovm Community and how the site works!

Monovm Community is a place where all of us can get together and have a shared space where we can share our questions and get answers to our questions. Our technical experts will monitor and maintain the site, and we will answer all your questions. 

However, it is not just limited to us. You also can actively participate and collaborate with the community. Let me give you an example. Suppose that you have a particular question: "How can I create a Python application on Cpanel and upload my Django application on it?" Once you ask this question from the platform, any member on the site can answer this question for you. 

It's a community where all types of hosting related questions and answers can be found. All can be found here, from web hosting to domains to cloud hosting. With the collaboration of our technical experts and community expertise, you will be helping yourself and also each other. 

This section will go through the details of using the site. 

  • As you can see here, you can enter your question or the keywords on the search bar to get the relevant information. 
  • The top menu will redirect you to the following pages: 
    • Home - to the Monovm community home page
    • Services - to the Monovm service page
    • Blog - to the Monovm Knowledgebase
    • Tags - to the page with all tags that are being used in the community page

  • As seen above, this section shows the different categories that are being discussed on the site.

  • This is the forum where you will see all the top questions that people are asking. 
  • As seen in the top right corner, the green box will let you submit your own question. 
  • We have also included a filter on the top, which will help the users to narrow down the search. 
    • The All section shows all the questions in the forum, starting from the newest on top. 
    • The popular section shows the most popular questions.
    • In recent shows, the most recently added questions. 
    • Unsolved shows the questions that don't have the answers.
    • Solved shows the answers that were solved and fixed.
  • You can click on any of the questions, which will open the thread with all answers.
  • If the question and answer are helpful, you can click the up arrow to give a positive vote or the down arrow for a negative vote.

  • You can log in by entering your credentials on this part of the site. 
  • As seen above, there is a section with all the forum statistics.

  • You can also find this section to add your email address to subscribe to the newsletter. 

So how can you join? Create a Monovm account, and using the same credentials, you can access the platform and communicate with everyone. You can get started by clicking on the link here

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